She’s an LA working actress and a top influencer, but her real superpower is singing and songwriting. Learn more about Dina Renee and “What I’m Not Gonna Do!”

Thanks for your time today Dina Renee, we hear a new music video is on the way. What can you share with us? 

Thank you so very much for interviewing me! 

Well I can tell you I still have paint in my hair from painting my entire kitchen pink (even the ceiling) I wanted a very girly and also funny theme for this one. My friend Connor plays my boyfriend and he turns out to be gay so the concept is sort of for both of us. What he’s not gonna do is date a girl and what I’m not gonna do is fall for another guy that doesn’t even like girls. 

It’s no secret that the music biz is tough and not for the faint of heart. What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far?

Just self-doubt. It wasn’t until losing my mom to cancer that I made a promise to myself I’d hire a guitarist and start performing my originals even if I only had 3 at the time. I’ve had a hard time making things about myself. Being my own business manager feels contradictory as an artist and has been my biggest problem. I’m the kind of person that will plan someone the best birthday party they’ve ever but then forget’s to invite anyone to my own. It’s the artist struggle. You create but then you sort of want to hide behind your art and let it speak for itself. The last thing you want to do is promote yourself. 

What do you enjoy most about being a musician? 

The finished product of a song, creating songs in the studio, performing live, shooting music videos, collaborating with other songwriters, inspiring people and going out of my comfort zone. I love every single thing about it minus the business side. 

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

The business itself. I wish A$R’s still came out to shows to scout talent. I wish it wasn’t so expensive for me as an indie artist. 

Is writing music therapeutic for you?  And if so, how? 

It is therapy to me. I love to escape and just get lost in art. Music is everything it’s what gets me through each day. 

Describe your sound in one sentence.

My sound would be a pop blend of Britney Spears, Camila Cabello, and Gwen Stefani? I have no idea how to even describe my voice. A casting director once told me it was the most unusually unique sound he’s ever heard and didn’t sound anything like my speaking voice but he was scared in a good way. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Haha 

Any dream gigs or stages you’ve always wanted to play?

Market square in Knoxville, TN in my hometown would be my dream. That’s the stage that would mean the most. 

Big shows on the horizon and how do we get tix? 

I’ll be performing acoustic versions of my originals at Bar 20 at the Grafton Hotel in West Hollywood On November 9th and December 7th at 8 pm

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