When you visit Seattle’s Pioneer Square the grungy underground smells of smoke from the city’s underground passageways and basements burned in the 1889 fire. Visual remnants of the city built on the ruins remain as many of the area’s shops and offices are built on the second floor remnants of former commercial streets. Guided tours are still available to tourists and local citizens who dare to visit.

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Remnants of a burned city, the black market of Antwerp and Israel, diamond cutters, and collusion of political corruption combine to make the Inside Passage a story of dark secrets, daring deceit, and violent mendacious casualties. Weissbourd scours the Pacific Northwest in his endeavor to unleash vile terror on Corey Logan, one of Puget Sound’s best kept secrets. A young woman raised to love the Sound with strength, character, and the heart of a mother, Logan meets devastating exploitation at the hands of a social-climbing political candidate attempting to hide his past.

The Russian gangster drags his past like a ball and chain, clanging his way through the dismal echo chambers of delusion and accumulating his victims like prize trivets on the mantel. Diamonds, a girl’s best friend, in raw form fund the sordid life of crime and support his never-ending assault on select victims, chosen for their ability to destroy his political career. With a heart of ice, Nick Season, strikes in the darkest flash, never caught, never revealed.

Innocence, drifting on the briny sea breeze, won’t stop him. As Corey seeks to rebuild her life after a stint in prison, she realizes she can never regain what she once had. The choice is to leave and take her son with her for a life of running, never slowing enough for Nick to find her, or share her secret with the only one who will listen. The seedy psychiatrist from the grungy underground of Pioneer Square, a hole in the wall that smells of stale grease and acidic smoke from the historic fire, might be her only ally. Can she trust him?

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In a moment of exposure, Corey agrees to meet him. Take the ferry, drive to the parking lot… She dares to trust him… But can she?

Under clear blue skies of a sunny day, winnowed away on an island in the Sound, she prepares a meal of fresh clam, roasted corn, and the truth, served up in grand style on a sandy beach with all the comforts of driftwood seating. Anonymity comes with a price. She has to trust someone.

From exotic coffees and young love, to the Victorian mansions of Capitol Hill, Weissbourd shares his thriller with affluent characters, dicey diamond thieves, and drug lords, mastering the art of the scene with delightful glimpses of Puget Sound, Mount Rainier, Blake Island, and the mounting anticipation of espionage on the wharves, and shadows of Seattle’s burning history.

Garth Thomas