London’s Ilja Alexander soothes the heart and the soul. In his newest track “Butterfly” the bop-bop beats and stirring humming is nearly translucent. With his near angelic voice, Alexander’s follow-up to “Someday”, an equally nature-flavored track.

Born in the Netherlands, Alexander, is well-known for his carefully crafted love songs sung in English, Japanese and Indonesian. His voice is soft like velvet. His dreamy, almost ethereal tone is modest and comforting. A sense of calm and utter connection to the sights, sounds and feelings are ever-present in “Butterfly”.


Do you know, what I’ve been hiding from, do you know what’s on my mind, Alexander sings. The music bed dips along, with little bubbles bursting from the surface like fish coming up for crumbs. The music bed moves along and as he sings I didn’t see you coming, the listener gets this sense of a conversation between Alexander and a literal butterfly. Sitting outside on a perfect day, watching the tree tops sway in the wind like a thousand acres of broccoli cloves. Alexander’s focus on the butterfly and the insects tiniest of motivations. The listener, in awe of the temperament and beauty in each word delivery finds a mesmerizing sonic experience.

Perhaps, too, the butterfly symbolizes the love in his life. He didn’t see her coming – he’s just in awe of her presence and natural beauty. He wants to write her a love letter and shower her with praise. He’s feeling insecure that he’s been hiding from him true self, and she brings that person out in him. She makes him feel at ease and complete.

The kick drum beats, the timing like the wings of the butterfly fluttering. A subtle humming from backing vocals open up the song into what feels like a new realm. One can almost taste the sunshine, the bright rays of light bursting through the clouds. While Alexander’s vocals are streamlined, the drama in “Butterfly” comes out of the tones and the exasperating colorful music base. While the song starts out Zen-like, it’s a bright and exciting electronic beat. Alexander’s arrangement feels organic, yet, it’s speckled with electricity and modern soundbites. He thrusts the listener around a bit, in a dizzying array of waves and pulses. The funny thing is, this song didn’t sound like summer or fall to me, it sounded like the here and now in some sort of biodome. It encompasses all the sounds of each season. I felt so present, so in the moment, that nothing could extract me from listening. It was like time stood still and all my senses were on high alert. Tingling, feeling and seeing things – everything became clearer!

“Butterfly” is a standout track. Much can be applauded about Alexander’s tranquil voice. As a lister I felt transported to a different world, a peaceful existence of sound and vibrant colors surrounding my vision. What a rewarding experience. Alexander’s “Butterfly” flies above the competition. Fans of EDM, as well as pop music will want to explore this inspiring tune.

Garth Thomas