Catalyzing curiosity, connection and co-creationfor an unforgettable, immersive, NFT conference in Los Angeles

THiNK:NFT and The NFT | LA are coming together to create a unique experience catered to the creative curiosity of every collector, investor, creator and industry-professional looking to collect, connect, or co-create in the rapidly evolving NFTworld.

You’re invited to explore our unique IRL conference with immersive Metaverse integrations, in L.A.’s robust art scene to create one integrated conference experience, as we journey into Los Angeles’ new role as a global conduit for the adoption of web3 in sports, music, and entertainment.


From March 28-29 thousands of WEB3 and culture pioneers will come together for a collaborative exploration of NFT’s. Over 2500 NFT-curious beginners, advanced web3 experts, and thought-leaders across entertainment, technology, and DeFi will come together to co-create a new landscape for the rapidly evolving world of NFTs this March in Los Angeles.    


On March 29th THINK:X will perform Beyond the Wall an immersive exploration of the music of Pink Floyd in a 360 Visual Dome featuring: saxophonist, Scott Page (Pink Floyd), Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Kenny Olson (Legendary Guitarist) and Norwood Fisher (Fishbone). And Steve Aoki will perform on March 30th.


THiNK:NFT is an NFT ecosystem of top NFT talent and community NFT events. THiNK:NFT was founded by Pink Floyd saxophonist Scott Page. The group partners with the top NFT projects and advises on concept, token strategy, community growth, and NFT drops. The mission of THiNK:NFT is to empower artists and technologists to collectively elevate culture.


Scott Page is a musician, technologist and entrepreneur. As a performer he is widely recognized as the saxophonist/guitarist for Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto. In the tech world Page led a number of ventures including Walt Tucker Productions, 7th Level, Inc, QD7, Direct2Care, and GetYourOPI. Page currently serves as CEO of Think:EXP, a live immersive media company based in Los Angeles. Page now brings his decades of experience in the entertainment and technology worlds to elevate the evolving industry of NFTs though THiNK:NFT.Scott Page will be speaking on the Main Stage Day 1, on a panel with Edmond Allmond, titled; Will NFT’s Reshape or Accent the Music and Entertainment Industry, at 1PM March 29, 2022.


1. My Pink Floyd Experience, by Arthur Williams and Scott Page

2. Thoths by Leigh J. Mccloskey

3. Stanley and the Metablobs.

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