While you are browsing for some delicious pellets for your lovable rabbit or for the best food for your beloved dog, you might stop and wonder how some people turn their pet into an internet celebrity. Whether it’s sheer curiosity that makes you wonder what their secret recipe is, or a hidden desire to turn your own furry friend into an influencer and make some money, we are going to share some tips with you.

How much can you earn by making your pet famous?

Money and fame don’t come easy and while some manage to grow their popularity through viral posts and end up making sufficient money to give up their job in a few months, for others it takes time. The problem is that many pet owners who have a star at home that’s waiting to be born, don’t have sufficient time to leverage their pet’s talent or good looks.

Those who post regularly, become a hit and get thousands of followers can earn tens of thousands of dollars in a few months. In many cases, a part of their income also comes from companies that are interested in marketing their products using the pets.

So, what does it take to turn a pet into an influencer?

There are countless experts out there who can teach you how social media works and advise you what to do to gain more followers, so we are not going to focus on these technical aspects here, although they are quite important.

What we do want to highlight, however, is that just like humans, not all pets have what it takes to become famous. If you want to be able to melt hearts with your darling cat or dog, you need their full cooperation. 

Not all pets are well-behaved enough to sit for a picture. You could, of course, record them while they are performing tricks or doing cute things and post videos. However, even in this case, you need to have a sociable and easy-going pet that loves to be in the center of attention and allows you to easily record them. 

If it’s hard to get your pet to cooperate, you can try to educate them. This will imply treats, of course. You could train your pet to pose for a photo or get used to you handling your smartphone in their presence, but if everything happens naturally, all the better.

Another requirement, especially if you want to make your pet Insta-famous is being photogenic. Just like us, not all animals are photogenic, some look great in photos and seem to like being immortalized, while others are simply not flattered by this technology.

While you strive to turn your pet into a star, you should arm yourself with patience. As you start growing your pet’s account and see an increasing number of followers, you might get stimulated to go further and further and post and earn more. 

However, this might affect your relationship with your pet, and you don’t want that. You don’t want to force your furry friend to produce money for you as they might reach burnout.

If you are thinking about the frequency of your posts, it is good to be consistent. However, you don’t have to exaggerate. One or two posts per day are enough. You don’t need to post every four hours as both you and your pet might get tired or bored of your social media endeavor and tend to approach it as a job, whereas, it should be fun for both of you. 

Also, one thing that many pet influencers have in common are peculiar features. Some dogs have sad eyes, others can’t keep their tongue in their mouth, some cats make funny noises, others are BFFs with birds. 

If your pet has an outstanding feature, that should be their trademarks and your focus. It takes more than good looks to become a star, your friend needs to stand out somehow.

Finally, becoming an influencer implies a mixture of luck, talent, and opportunity. Yes, the stars do need to align a bit so that you get those likes and followers. Turning your pet into an influencer is not a science. It can happen or not, but it’s always worth trying and it’s a fun and purposeful way of spending more time with your furry friend.