High Strung Free Dance, the second installment in the highly successful High Strung movie franchise is opening in theaters on Friday, October 11, 2019. 

High Strung Free Dance was written and produced by Janeen Damian and Michael Damien and stars Thomas Doherty, Harry Jarvis and Juliet Doherty. 

High Strung Free Dance tells the story of Zander Raines, a dazzling and tempestuous young choreographer (Thomas Doherty) who gives the break of a lifetime to two hopeful artists when he casts a stunning contemporary dancer, Barlow (Juliet Doherty) and innovative pianist, Charlie (Harry Jarvis) in New York’s most-anticipated new Broadway show: Free Dance. But the move throws off the show’s delicate creative balance when Charlie falls hard for Barlow while Zander embraces her as his muse. 

Might Charlie find the inspiration he needs from an unexpected mentor to go after all that he wants? Or will the show’s celebrity headliner, pop star Kayla Jordan stand in everyone’s way as she tries to stake her claim on both Zander and the spotlight? The emotions run hot igniting a rollercoaster of impassioned rivalry, romance and determination fueling the events leading up to the opening of Zander’s ambitious and innovational new musical. The question is, how much are these talented artists willing to risk for love?

High Strung Free Dance brings together ground-breaking original music with an expansive mix of choreography from the Emmy award winner Tyce Diorio (So You Think You Can Dance) alongside a cast of some of the world’s best dancers. 

High Strung Free Dance is elevated by standout supporting performances from veteran actors Jane Seymour(who reprises her High Strung role as Oksana), Ace Bhatti (Bohemian Rhapsody, Eastenders) and Desmond Richardson (Chicago) and features an original soundtrack that artfully blends original orchestrations, reimagined classical pieces along with rap and pop. 

Building on the fresh model set forth in High Strung (2016), High Strung Free Dance again brings together numerous dance styles and extraordinary performers from around the world as well as the same creative team, Broadway stars Michael and Janeen Damian. The powerhouse addition of Choreographer Tyce Diorio (resident choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance) and stars Thomas Doherty (Descendants 2 & 3), Harry Jarvis and Juliet Doherty alongside 80 of the world’s most thrilling and original dancers.

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