Music has been the biggest savior in triumph over tragedy allowing him to thrive.

What’s the feeling like to fight the hard times through music? How does it make one person stronger? For one musician, tragedy is no stranger to other than Gio Franklin who came out with a hit single, “Dollar.”

From his hometown of Kansas City, Gio was determined to make his voice heard, where his musical influence rose throughout Tinseltown.

Gio’s road to the music world wasn’t easy, but he never let the tough times knock him down with the gift of his music.

Fierce and competitive, the young musician and songwriter was drawn to music at a younger age when he started playing with drums and keyboard.

“I would just play around on toy drums and keyboard. Then I don’t know hearing a song I realized I was able to separate each musical sound (note) and duplicate it. As I got to middle school, I asked for a more sophisticated keyboard and would listen to songs and by ear duplicate it after only hearing it maybe 2-3 times,” said Gio in recalling how he found his passion for music. “And so, it’s been the same thing with any instrument I have tried, I teach myself.  I play keyboard, obviously piano, acoustic guitar, drums, and I hope to play around with the electric guitar son.   I think I can have some real fun with that.”

Gio wouldn’t let hard times knock him down. He lost his father at the age of 10 that made a huge effect on him and his family. After losing a one of his best friends through an overdose and an aunt to COVID-19, music was his biggest savior through the toughest of times.

“Honestly, music has saved me, it’s been my only outlet and a means to both escape and cope with those tragedies and loses,” said the up & coming artist how he was able to cope with the toughest times.

Gio’s versatility allowed him to showcase his talent as he released his first song at the age of 15 on Soundcloud, where he gained over a million streams.

He is known for his G-STAR album that was released in 2019.

Taking his talents from his home region of the Midwest to Hollywood, Gio gains his inspiration from the studio to tell his story in his music.

In his latest song, of “Dollar,” anyone can lose money, but love is the only thing that you can never put a price tag.

Gio’s mother grew up in extreme poverty where she taught him to take moments one step at him, which were valuable lessons passed on to him.

“My mom has always told me to be slow to take and quick to give,” said Gio about what he learned from his mother. “Prior to where she is at now, she worked in a homeless shelter as a social worker.  We were allowed to go to work with her sometimes and seeing the families there and little kids really motivated me to be thankful for anything I have or been giving.”

“Dollar” reinforces that meaning of giving back to those who are less fortunate, and love buys more happiness.

The song doesn’t try to impersonate any other prominent artists, Gio stands alone. His story is letting his listeners know that love is the biggest weapon to facing adversity.

“I’m a loyal to my music and enjoy making music that people can relate to and get a good vibe from,” Gio adding why music has been his passion. “I’m passionate about sports and love when I can find ways to connect the two.”

As for “Dollar,” it’s all a matter of enjoying the song because there’s a story to tell that can relate to anyone. Rich, middle class, or struggling, this song is for everyone because all individuals go through a different phase in their life.

“Just to enjoy it, it’s a real upbeat song, to just really catch a vibe you know. It’s definitely old school R&B,” said Gio about his latest song. “It has stood the test of time, it had a way it could tell a story, a story you could either relate to or was experiencing in your life.”

Gio isn’t trying to impersonate any prominent artists, but his biggest dream is to work with Drake. When it comes to Drake, it’s his skills and talent what he comes to admire about the Canadian artist.

“I want my listeners to hear Dollar and really just catch a vibe from it.”

In his up bringing, Gio’s sisters were fans of Justin Bieber while he was growing up.

“Obviously growing up with two sisters, Justin Bieber was a large presence in music and to see how he transitioned from teen star to an adult and still be very present and relevant is amazing,” said Gio of watching Bieber’s career transition. “I really like and respect Chris Brown cause he’s a singer and performer and all-around entertainer.  A lot of him reminds me of old school R&B.  Not to forget the Ladies, Adele I mean she’s just on a different level, her vocals are just unmatched.”

Throughout the hard times, his music has been the biggest savior in order to tell his story in order to relate to his listeners.

Gio is represented by Management International Music Mogul Qadree El-Amin of Southpaw Entertainment who manages Boyz II Men, Janet Jackson , Vanessa Williams , Teddy Riley & Blackstreet, Deborah Cox to name a few.

Brandon Jay @iambrandonjay of the “On Air with Brandon Jay” radio podcast had the opportunity of interviewing Gio and then played the single “Dollar” on the air. Brandon Jay is a Celebrity TV & Radio Personality who has been featured on TMZ, Hollywood Unlocked and Daily Mail just to name a few. You can tune in on Tuesday’s at 10AM PST on iHeart & Dash Radio!