Smooth as silk and chilled as champagne, the single “Get My Mind Right” from Lexi Todd is a reminder that there is always time to make the right choices and be centered. Step back, think it out, and do what you know you need to do. That’s the theme in his poppy, heavy on the organ keys song. Like something from the 60s, but ready for 2020, Todd enchants in this delightful track.


Based in Brooklyn, New York, Todd self-describes her music as ‘blue-eyed soul’ in her Facebook profile. The comparisons to other ‘blue-eyed soul’ icons, Felix Cavaliere and The Rascals certainly feel strong with Todd’s use of the Hammond organ in her “Get My Mind Right”. She’s missing the whole-band and overall orchestration feel that The Rascals so generously gave throughout the 60s, but Todd has an upper hand on melody. As she sings “I got good vibes all the time, if I let them slide, then I get them right back in line” the meandering rhythm and happy disposition make for a positive experience. This song feels nice. It sounds like a jazzy, happy-go-lucky tune.

Compared to ‘blue-eyed soul’ singers Sam Smith and Adele, Todd get past the hump of being just another pop-sounding songstress. I think her voice really stands out and she has a sense of vulnerability in “Get My Mind Right” that also champions itself as a voice of confidence and a sense of self. She’s not as quirky as Billie Eilish, and it may be a bit of a stretch, but I do think fans of Eilish will find Todd and “Get My Mind Right” a nice addition to their Spotify playlist. Perhaps the most endearing part of “Get My Mind Right” is the song’s ability to linger. Todd’s voice stays with you.

Much of this song reminded me of Carol King and even Janis Joplin. Todd sounds retro, but again, she’s very modern and eclectic. The jazzy music bed is isolated. She relies heavily on her vocals and the organ to convey the mood of this song. It’s simplistic and oh-so-wonderfully edited. It’s bubbly without being too pop. With little she does so much. In a world with such anger and anxiety, perhaps the message that Todd is preaching is to slow down, breathe, take it in and get back to the direction you know you need to follow. She really impresses upon the listener that life may throw you lemons but keep your head up and make that lemonade.

With little hype, Todd promotes so much in tight packaged song. Its lofty tones and Todd’s beautiful vocals ensure the listener to have a memorable experience.

Looking for something that isn’t as moody as Billie Eilish, or as aged as Carol King? Lexi Todd is a fine middle and an even better recipe for jazz, pop and R&B-fused option. She gets through the fray of a very muddled music world and manages to make a strong impact. “Get My Mind Right” is a great track and is on its way to the right groove for 2020.

Garth Thomas