“Heaven Is A Place Like This” is the new inspiring single from German trio, More Than Words. A delightful sonic journey, threaded with both pop and country sensibilities, “Heaven Is A Place Like This” has a sing along chorus, as well as a major redeeming quality: lyrics that pierce the heart. Within the fabric of this wonderful song is a family showering their listeners with the same love and devotion they show each other. We don’t have to die to go to heaven, they sing. It might be a distant image, heaven, but in this song, it feels close and intimate. 

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I often wondered if artists are ever approached with the question – what is heaven like? Is it clouds and there’s massive pearly gates outside? I think the point the group More Than Words is making in this song is that it’s okay to dream and believe in a heaven, but don’t look so far past what’s in front of you that you don’t see it right in front of your eyes. Be it romantic love, or appreciation, “Heaven Is A Place Like This” finds its way into the depth of any human relationship. It makes you happy listening to these three voices. 

More Than Words is family members Stephanie Hertel, Lanny Lanner and Johanna Mross. Hertel, who has recorded as a solo artist and is a TV show with over 30 years of hosting in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, melts her voice with daughter Johanna Mross. Lanner’s voice is evident, drawing the listener in with his lower range. He’s certainly not lost in the shuffle. Their voices are one cohesive unit. It feels like heaven just like it is…nothing ever could compare to this, they sing. They communicate to the listener that they are happy, and I couldn’t help but smile. Moving that grin along just the same is the wonderful piano and beating heart of a rhythm section. 

Visions of Disney movies, Hallmark movies and maybe even some wholesome family movies would be a great fit to have this song on its soundtrack. I know many listeners out there are looking for songs that capture something new and grab their attention with the latest computerized sound or earth-shattering riff. I must admit I’m a sucker for New Wave and pop rock. This song hit me differently – I wasn’t necessarily expecting anything too country or too sappy. What I found in “Heaven Is A Place Like This” is a gem. If all music were catered only to our every whim, would that be the musical landscape we yearn for? “Heaven Is A Place Like This” is that beautiful happenstance of a moment, a song that comes completely from the back of the pack, and we find ourselves cheering it along. More Than Words might not be the traditional underdog or the glamourous type, it’s their artistry that wins over the masses. “Heaven Is a Place Like This” is a solid hit and they have won over yet another fan. 

Garth Thomas

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