Phenomenal artist Garyk Lee has created a Lifestyle YouTube show, Garyk Lee Style TV, using his unique creativity and design to enhance the lives of others. He uses animation, actors and renovation in an entertaining environment while providing ideas in nearly all facets of home living.

I shared questions and answers with Garyk regarding up and coming shows and featured projects. He incorporates his love of art and architecture and his knowledge of fashion in a tantalizing presentation which can be celebrated by a vast audience.

Your new YouTube series seems like a supreme hit, what can we look forward to in future episodes?

Thank You…I LOVE doing it…I will be doing much more incorporated skits where I include other actors, play multiple characters…Fashiona, my animated new assistant and muse (albeit part-time) will play a larger part in the series as I like lightening up the How-To process of explain design implementation.

Do you have a favorite theme to present in your show, or a project that you’re most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to designing the wardrobe for the animated character Fashiona, as she is now accompanying me and assisting me…While most people I encounter don’t see her…the audience will as do I. Since she is a Fashion Hero she needs to be dressed a bit over the top which I plan to have fun doing…I am also happy to announce Bobbie Eakes, best known for her roles as Macy Alexander on Bold and the Beautiful and Crystal Carey on All my Children, will be guest starring in February. We will come into her home and re-design one of her Daytime Emmy gowns from years ago and create a whole new fun design.

How do you tie your art into your lifestyle program?

I use my Art through painting, adding color and texture as a sensible way to improve an interior, to re-make a piece of furniture…Fashiona is created through my drawing then dropped into the video…None of this would happen if it weren’t for the actual “Art” I incorporate on some level.

Will this YouTube project perhaps lead to a reality show?

Never say never…I’m happy just bringing a lighthearted, funny delivery for a How To Design show…However, I’m open to any thing that comes my way…I personally am not a big fan of reality shows that are always putting people against one another with challenges that dwell on negative relations among their reality stars. I feel we have enough of those shows currently.

Aside from this, I understand that you will be doing a lip-syncing charity event, please fill us in.

Yes, The American Cancer Society chapter here in Palm springs hosts a fun event in late January at the famed Purple Room supper Club here in Palm springs…It was home to “The Rat Pack” back in the day…An eclectic group of entertainers from Susan Olson, who played Cindy Brady, Gretchen Bonaduce, Jimmy Van Patten among others are performing…hould be a fun night.

Are there any new projects in the works?

My Garyk Lee Style TV show always opens doors for new projects, I have a couple of special commissions early this year…Stay tuned!

Thank you for our time darlin’!

My Pleasure XO…Will I get to meet you in person in Palm Springs soon?

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