When Viney Walker’s long-absent father arrives in the 19th-century utopian community of Rugby, TN, he begs her to return with him to the Great Smoky Mountains. Viney’s sister, Lizzie, urges her to go because a new setting will help Viney heal from a broken engagement.

Viney acquiesces, and in her new home, she meets her Walker cousins, including handsome and brawny James. The couple’s romance angers the White Caps, a vigilante group that whips lewd women, and they warn Viney to mend her ways.

Seeking revenge and the freedom to love James, Viney joins a counter-vigilante group. She plots a trap for the White Caps but finds herself tied to a post, with a whip racing toward her.

“Hearts of Mercy” is the new novel written by author Joan Donaldson, and has just been released in audiobook format through Beacon Audiobooks. Narrated by Garrett Howard, “Hearts of Mercy” is now available worldwide. Readers can download their copy today on Audible in the United States here:


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