In a world without hugs and in a time forgetting world events is a blessing, “For The Love of a Jessee” is a welcomed emotional relief. Released digitally on May 1st, 2020, “For The Love of Jessee” is a drama enhanced film written and directed by David McAbee and written and produced by Curta and Dennis Schlarbaum, that lends hope and light to its audience.

Evoking love or distain for the main characters right off the cuff allows the audience to delve into the movie wholeheartedly. Starring in the film is legendary actress Adrienne Barbeau, Australian actress Mandahla Rose, Game of Silence’s Bre Blair, Star Trek’s Manu Intiraymi, Tony Denman and Randy Wayne who portrays Dr. Luke Matthews. The theme or message of the movie is letting go so that one can heal. It’s the type of film that draws you in, keeps you interested, and entertains until it’s over.

It has a dramatic beginning which is filled with sorrow, however the ending makes up for all that. The movie has its suspenseful up and downs and would have easily fit into the world of soap operas but in the best possible way. 

McAbee’s direction was flawless. I feel that he allowed the characters to help develop themselves while guiding them into exactly what they became. The story line was creative and playful when it needed to be. Although the film cannot replace the hug it is certainly a great distraction….

4/5 Stars

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