Destiny Worldwide Entertainment has just wrapped “Get Her”, the pilot episode of the new tv series “The Moretti’s” written and directed by William Byron Hillman starring Alessandro Folchitto (Red Notice, Avengers: Infinity War, The Suicide Squad) and Kate Dailey. 

The Moretti’s, a unique husband/wife ex-law enforcement couple, take the low road, slink into crime infested slime and go undercover to assist law enforcement’s efforts to eliminate the billion-dollar unorganized criminal organizations one crime at a time.

Byline: Five years ago, the FBI working internationally with AISE Agents, failed to stop a notorious human trafficking organization. Today, retired Bret Moretti is comfortable in her marriage to Vito, a stoic, also retired undercover operative. Now faced with surviving a brutal kidnapping, Bret is forced to use the very skills her husband once helped her sharpen. Taking her unleashes emotions Vito comfortably walked away from, until now.

The Story: Three years chasing a notorious human trafficking organization ends badly. Vito Moretti (Alessandro Folchitto), a former Grand Prix/Formula One racecar driver and retired Italian Special Forces – AISE agent is reluctantly partnered with FBI Agent Bret Polson. He takes two bullets in the chest, she one in the stomach.  That’s when she realized she was in love with him. Five years later, married, happy and retired from law enforcement, they are sucked back into the dark side. Thought to be a 5-year vendetta, they kidnap Bret then force Vito to drive getaway vehicles for human trafficking kingpin Toni Columbo. To guarantee his cooperation they threaten to kill Bret if he refuses to get behind the wheel. Surviving a series of horrendous beatings, Vito discovers a weakness in the chain of command, and this triggers the lethal machine his previous life created. Unafraid of anyone or anything, Moretti vows that nothing will stop him until he locates and recovers his wife and any victim’s they may have kidnapped who are in their control. Realizing the silent joy felt when eliminating the stench created from the underworld, the Moretti’s realize their future was predetermined.

Producers Jimmy StarWilliam Byron Hillman and Alessandro Folchitto have found common ground. Daring to be different, Destiny Worldwide Entertainment has spread the storyline genre into a vast treasure-chest of movie magic.

Destiny Worldwide Entertainment consists of a genre magic mixed bag of tricks with storylines bouncing from action, thrillers, comedy, horror, family and serious drama. Producer’s William Byron Hillman, Jimmy Star, Alessandro Folchitto and Lorenzo Omaggio have come together to add more excitement to film history.

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