Fashion Icon/Influencer Simonetta Lein is a featured guest on “Bob Saget’s Here For You” podcast. 

Simonetta Lein and Bob discuss how cheesesteaks and influencers may help humanity. 

Entrepreneur and one of Forbes Top 5 fashion influencers, Simonetta Lein joins Bob to talk about her journey immigrating to the United States and what it’s like living the American dream in Philadelphia. Bob and Simonetta share their similar stories of unexpected opportunities and the hope they have in humanity amidst dark times, all while reminiscing on past cheesesteak sandwiches and sport riots. 

“BOB SAGET’S HERE FOR YOU”  is a podcast that is like no other— Because it goes inside Bob’s Saget’s mind, and then quickly filters out through his mouth. Bob has a way of calming people with genuine empathy and humor while they’re going through a difficult time, which we all are at present. Reaching his unusually diverse audience that he talks to as a friend, Bob is the dad with great advice, the irreverent funny guy who’s always there when you need a laugh, and the free-associative Bob who goes off on crazy tangents then returns to the subject at hand, as serious or as comedic as it may be, to wrap up each episode in a way only Bob can do. Because he really does believe, “He’s here for you.” To leave a message for Bob call (562) 600-0343. 

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