Who else but hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss could “spill the tea” on their weekly show “If These Walls Could Talk” live from Pangea Restaurant on the Lower Eastside of NYC, with their unique style of honest, and emotional interviews, sharing the fascinating backstory of celebrities, entertainers, recording artists, writers and artists and bringing their audience along for a fantastic ride.   

Richie Rich will be a featured guest on “If These Walls Could Talk” with hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022 at 2 PM ET live from the infamous Pangea Restaurant. 

Wendy Stuart is an author, celebrity interviewer, model, filmmaker and hosts “Pandemic Cooking With Wendy,” a popular Youtube comedic cooking show born in the era of Covid-19, and TriVersity Talk, a weekly web series with featured guests discussing their lives, activism and pressing issues in the LGBTQ Community. 

Tym Moss is a popular NYC singer, actor, and radio/tv host who recently starred in the hit indie film “JUNK” to critical acclaim. 

The iconic Richie Rich is an American fashion designer, legendary club kid, pop-culture star, and revered style idol. Richie Rich always sees the runway as his Hollywood studio and the audience as his fans. In 1999, Richie Rich and Traver Rains founded the cult-classic fashion label, Heatherette. Heatherette’s runway shows would kick-off Fashion Week throughout the world, from New York to Tokyo. The Heatherette runway established itself as the only runway to walk, and a seat in the front row was the only ticket to have. 

Richie Rich’s designs became instantly known for adorning the likes of a who’s who in young Hollywood- including Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Naomi Campbell, Pink, and Fergie. Richie Rich would be dubbed fashions “Transformer” and he set up shop in Los Angeles and New York. His namesake design factory “House Of Richie Rich” would go on to be an innovative fashion label creator and first-of-its-kind trendsetter for fashion collaborations. He unleashed a fashion powerhouse with appearances on his runway shows by Ellen DeGeneres, Pamela Anderson, and Dita Von Teese. The in-the-know stars always have Richie Rich in their phone favorites for his latest stylings and he can often be seen as a special guest on select US and international broadcast television series, such as America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway. Richie Rich was inducted into New York’s The Metropolitan Museum of Art for an award-winning dress in 2019. Most recently, he is riding his glitter unicorn into the makeup metaverse with BTYKWN (pronounced BEAUTYKWEEN). Richie Rich’s motto remains, “Everybody is a star!”

The official website for BTYKWN may be found at https://www.btykwn.com

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