The latest release by Dallas based Rapper, J’Maurice, is certainly topical. “Facetime,” is J’Maurice’s version of Dan Hartman’s, 80’s classic, “I Can Dream About You,” but with a slight modification of course.  It’s a song that’s certain to garner people’s attention, simply based off of the title, and the ensuing curiosity. It seems like it would only be a matter of time, until someone was inspired to write a song about facetime. It’s equally safe to assume, it’s already been done. J’Maurice is at the very least in contention for the initiator in this case.


J’Maurice endured something of a tumultuous and directionless upbringing. For those who are familiar with the Dallas area, they know that it is a city with a rich artistic culture, but also a seedy underbelly. If you aren’t careful, it’s easy to fall into bad habits and consuming vices, which to be fair, is the case with any major metropolis. J was shifted from relative to relative, and in some cases, state to state, until finally coming full circle, back to Dallas. It’s unclear, exactly when, but at some point in his childhood, J discovered Hip Hop, and found the most vital component to a fulfilling life; passion.

Girl you gotta early morning/so don’t waste time/blow me a kiss/while we on facetime, is actually one of the tamer lyrics on the track. “Facetime,” is rife with slang and modern culture references, and quite frankly, it should be. It’s exactly the type of vernacular and jocularity that potential audiences are looking for in a song like “Facetime.” Tracks such as “Facetime,” are generally considered to be novel, but their ability to connect with the audience is often slightly underplayed. While J’Maurice takes things in a rather suggestive direction, he does justice to his original intention.

The speed with which J’Maurice delivers his verses, cannot be understated. The rapper barely stops for a breath, if at all, and should be recognized for the sheer rapidity of his verbal fury. The only caveat, is that the lyrics become indecipherable at many points, throughout the track. The energy here is undeniable, though, and it gives the song an immediacy. There is at least one guest vocalist, who goes unnamed in the credits, but does a fine job of delivering the chorus.

“Facetime” is a song that in many ways, writes itself. J’Maurice, certainly has his vision for the concept, and while that may be off putting to some, it’s scintillating to others. Though, the song may be somewhat restrictive to certain segments of the audience, it’s still a raucous and fun piece. The production isn’t flawless, but it is pleasantly chaotic, and eventually succeeds in pulling you in. J’Maurice started his journey with little more than a reason to persist, and proved that it’s enough to bring a dream to life. His spirit has not been defeated by his many obstacles, and judging from “Facetime,” he still knows how to have a good time.

Garth Thomas

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