Talk to us about what you’re up to right now. 

I have just wrapped up my EP “Interlude I: Hours”. It’s been in the making since December 2020! I was in the midst of working on my sophomore album when I decided to take it easy and find enjoyment in creating again. My holiday song “Santa Alright” was the first step I took in this rediscovery of my passions for writing, singing, and producing. I decided afterwards that I would just focus on writing from a more organic and spontaneous place; just writing as the music and inspiration comes to me. After a couple of singles, I found myself creating what is now a 7 track EP that I’m so very proud of!

Do you have anything that you’re working on that is not ready to be released yet?

I have so much music that I’ve put in a safe until they’re ready to be born. I have a very clear image of what I want to say and when I want to say it. I love reinventing my sound and venturing into new avenues sonically. There is always so much growth available to me artistically when I do so. It keeps everything fun and fresh and I can express myself however I feel is necessary. 

What is the most important part about your industry experience?

The most important part is inclusivity and diversity. To younger me, and other children of color, the industry felt so far away; almost impossible to perceive. I felt that I needed to be the best of the best to even think about being part of something so grand and exclusive. As I dive deeper and deeper into the music industry, I’m seeing all of those thoughts crumble and how close everything really is. It keeps my dream alive and speaks to my younger self, telling him “it’s possible.”. 

What are you most competitive about? 

I compete with myself! I fight to better myself every day. I love to look back at something I’ve created and almost feel embarrassed by how bad it was.This shows growth and pushes me forward. I used to be very competitive with others but all that did was put me in a place where I would constantly compare myself and my worth to my peers’ successes and accolades. That is a dangerous way to live and it only discouraged me from creating at one point. There is enough room for all of us, we just have to focus on our lanes and figure out how to better ourselves.

What sacrifices have you had to make in order to get your career to where it is? 

Many! Time with friends & family, quitting jobs, safety/financial security, and the list goes on. I am very proud of my growth as an artist and how different things are for me now versus how they were in 2013 when I released my first song. These sacrifices have been hard to make but I have so much focus and drive, even as a child, when it comes to my career. That same drive is what makes making sacrifices almost necessary and any choices I have to make are natural decisions to me. 





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