Trevor James is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter from the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Trevor’s first EP “Breakthrough” was recorded entirely in his makeshift bedroom studio and was released in late-2020. One track from that EP (“Rendezvous”) then went on to feature on local radio station 97.9x Rocks, as well as popular Philly station Alt 104.5, where Trevor was also interviewed and performed live.

Trevor released his much anticipated single “Again” in June 2022, followed by “Comfort” in August 2022 – both of which he performed on the Wish USA bus in Hollywood that same month. Look out for more big things to come from Trevor later this year!

Thank you for letting us interview you! Let us in on your new music! When did you record it? 

Thanks for the opportunity! My two most recent singles (“Again” and “Comfort”) were both recorded earlier this year during the winter months.

Any writing traditions you have when you’re in that mode? 

Definitely. I nearly always start with the music by figuring out which chords I want to use for the song, and then I’ll pull up the voice recorder app on my phone to record the basic layout of the song using those chords. Then I’ll constantly play the music back over and over (in my car, walking around my apartment, etc.) to come up with the best vocal melody for the song. And then finally I’ll settle on a theme for the song and use that to decide on specific lyrics.

Any other traditions you have when you’re in your recording process? 

I’m not nearly as routine-oriented when it comes to recording as I am with writing so no, I wouldn’t say I have any specific or unique traditions when it comes to recording. The recording process is more of a freestyle for me lol.

What challenges come with recording? 

The biggest challenge I run into when it comes to recording is the lack of space in my current home bedroom “studio”. I’ve decked out a closet in my place with blankets, towels, etc. to minimize unwanted sound reflections during recording, but it’s a pretty cramped space – especially when it comes to recording guitar or other musical instruments. It’s definitely not ideal lol but I really enjoy home recording so I hope to upgrade this at some point in the near future.

Who did you collaborate with in the studio? 

I haven’t collaborated with anyone in the studio for any of my recent songs.. i’ve been flying solo this year 🙂 

Any recording stories you have that you’ll remember forever from this music? Please share one with us! 

Whew boy, I’ll probably never forget the frustration I experienced trying to record my newest single “Comfort”. The song features some talk-rap type vocals in the verses, and this is something I’d never done before so trying to get this to sound justttt right was easily one of the most tedious sessions I’ve ever had. But thankfully I feel satisfied with the final product so it was all worth it 

What do you want fans to appreciate about your artistry when it comes to the new music? 

I’d personally love for fans to appreciate my sincere attempt at being versatile and trying something a little new and different, compared to my past work. I like to think I’m constantly improving and honing my craft when it comes to writing, performing, everything – so my hope is that my newest song(s) will be “better” in at least some sense than my older content.

After the new year we typically forget about our resolutions, have you kept yours when it comes to your music making? 

GUILTY AS CHARGED lol I honestly forgot all about my new year’s resolution until this question just now. But I do remember that my resolution from this past new year was broadly to release new songs this year that I’m truly happy with, and so far I’ve done that – so I got lucky haha

Give us your link for the music to stream, stream, stream! 

Sure thing!

Thank you for chatting with us! Where can our audience go to follow and support your stellar music journey! 

The best ways to keep up with me are by following my Instagram (, my YouTube channel (, and my Spotify ( Thanks!

End of Interview