Hi Tarah Who?! Thank you for speaking with me today!

Tarah: Hi! Thanks for having us! 

You are about to release a new song! Will you tell us about it? 

CH : Our new song called “Push Me” is a collaboration with our dear friends from UK, Yur Mum !!

What was the creative process for it? 

TGC: I don’t really know why… I just wanted to work with Yur mum on a song but I did. I didn’t know how we were going to do it. I was working on a riff on the guitar that I thought they might like, then they told me they had unfinished songs. They sent to me those rough ideas and I incorporated them with the riffs I was working on and it became ‘Push Me’! They sent me their tracks and Jason Orme, our producer and mixing engineer put them together! et voila! 

You are collaborating with YUR MUM on this song! How did that collab come about? 

TGC: It was a great experience to work with Yur Mum! The most fun was shooting the music video and playing the song live! Can’t wait to release the music video! 

You all are working so much! How do you all stay balanced, and how do you recharge? 

CH : It’s good to take some time off when you don’t play your instrument and just watch tv shows or video games, it’s relaxing !!

TGC: Actually being active and doing stuff for our music is what is keeping me balanced! lol. I do recharge every now and then. My wife and I love to travel so we take little vacations in places we can do NOTHING but lay on the beach! 

As we move towards the new year, what are some of your accomplishments that you all are most excited about or proud of? 

CH : I would say that in time of COVID, I’m happy that we still released new songs and keep working on our music. It keeps us busy hahaha !!

TGC: That’s true. Despite Covid, we have been able to write, record and release an album and we just recorded a new EP for 2022! So I agree with Coralie. Those were accomplishments I am pretty excited about and proud of.

Any other projects in the works you want everyone to know about? 

CH : We are actually working on our next EP for 2022, it’s really exciting !!

TGC: Yes, Can’t wait to share the new songs and new music videos for those songs!!! 2022 is going to be really fun! 

Please let everyone know where to keep up with you and your music!

TGC: pretty much all social media is @ tarahwho. but we are the most active on Instagram.

Thank you for your time!

Thank you for having us! 

For press inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview