In what way was your latest release cathartic? 

The new single, “Call,” is cathartic in that it addresses the isolation that people feel in their day-to-day lives. This song is for the folks that resent the custom of immediate dismissal. It’s for people who stop you on the street and ask you for your number rather than casually pass you by obliviously.

Growing up in general is turbulent, how do you use those trials and tribulations for your music? 

Growing up is hard for everyone, I think, the important thing is that we identify what is actually happening to us versus the anxiety and worry that is inherent in everyone and, therefore, no one’s fault; it’s so easy to put the blame on others. I am benefited more by addressing the esoteric nature of pain rather than the specifics of my personal struggle. In that way Sweet Pickles is a group therapy session that takes place in the mind of individuals on long runs and drives.  Sweet Pickles’ music helps us to address the human condition that we are all subject to and as an artist we have the honor of hopefully putting that process into a tangible form for our friends something they can reference while living their part of life.

In what profound way has growing up in the music industry helped you?

I’ve always surrounded myself with music and musicians; it’s my identity. I find that courage is a prerequisite personality trait in entrepreneurship and specifically artistry in the music business. Growing up in and around the music business has required that I approach life with a sense of intrepid courage and rather than shrink when I encounter obstacles I more commonly go into “the zone” where the world slows down and I suddenly remember everything I’ve learned. Taking those lumps in the early days oriented me to the conditions of success in music and I am extremely grateful for every lesson I’ve learned along the climb even the painful ones.

In what way do you think it has hindered you? 

If there is a drawback to a life spent in music it would be that one sacrifices the normal process of development that one’s peers naturally undergo. You know, instead of finishing college and getting married immediately upon graduation, I decided to focus on a life that happened in back rooms and alleyways. Instead of chasing children around the playground I spent a lot of time standing around trash cans behind concert halls and rehearsal spaces, etc. After a while you find that you don’t relate to everyone the same way you did.

How do you make sure to keep the balance of keeping yourself first at all times even if it means you come first before your music? 

It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself while cutting records and touring because the creative process is SO nourishing. However, I have been reminded time and time again that in order to maintain any rigorous scheduling I have to embrace normal hours and consistently prepare meals for myself. In other words, after enough time passes in the throws of creative isolation I have to remember how to be a human. I find that in order to best take care of myself I have to SCHEDULE time with others in order to reap the benefits of social interaction. As much as I like being alone I LOVE to touch antennae with my alien friends and bug out together. We get weird!

Can you share the lyrics to your latest release and what are the verses that mean most to you and why? 

“Birds take flight; verdant season, I’m thinking of you again. Moonlit night, with no rhyme or reason, I’m thinking of you again.” CALL, our new single, is set in the mind of an isolated individual who is feeling the effects of SPRING in an esoteric and profound way. “My heart is making all my moves I’m shaking. There’s never been more precious time and I swear I’ll make it home before the dawn.” The second verse reveals a moment of introspection in our protagonist and he becomes aware of the irrationality that can accompany love and more specifically passion. He resolves to act upon his love if only the one whom he desires will CALL. 

You learn a lot about an artist through their art. What will fans learn the most from this music? 

Fans will learn from “CALL,” our new single out May 13,  that it is imperative to seize the day before it passes you by. It is ok to put yourself out there and make yourself available to others even though consequently you will be made vulnerable to judgements and criticism. I hope the fans agree with me that what we gain from each other is far more important than the preservation of our own egocentrism and vanity. Sweet Pickles is a mirror for society to view itself from and the reflection cuts two ways. We’re always interested to see which side of the mirror we’re looking into when we address our fans.

How do fans keep up with you and make sure to keep watch for MORE music? 

Fans can keep up with Sweet Pickles music and shows, etc., by hunting us down on social media. We blow most of the meaning into our brand on Instagram currently and you can find us at @sweetpicklesofficial. We also have a YouTube Channel where fans can see everything from live concerts to animated music videos and, of course, all official Sweet Pickles video content is exclusively available there. Fans should always interact with Spotify and ITunes if they want the band to succeed because those metrics are analyzed inordinately and they tend to affect the way things are done on a business level. SIGN THE MAILING LIST! We’ll invite you to fun events and tell you jokes there. Really, the mailing list is worth signing!

Leave us with the most exciting news about what’s next for YOU! 

We’re very happy with the way our new single, CALL, turned out and we hope that you and your friends will stream CALL when it drops MAY 13! Please, sign the mailing list and come be friends!

End of Interview