Welcome Sean! Happy we get to chat. I would love to dive right in and learn more about you as a person. Share something with us that most people would be surprised to learn!

I am a certified spiritual healer.

When did you know that music is what you wanted to pursue full time?

Since a child at a family members’ party I loved entertaining the crowd and I did it through the morning and I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

We heard you have new music dropping. Very exciting. Did you write any of the soon to be released tracks?

I write all my music .  I have a specific message to the world and only I know how to relay it.

Do you have anything specific you hope listeners take away after hearing it?

That they are free to be themselves without judgement

Between creating in the studio or performing live on stage, which is most enjoyable to you and why?

I love the creation process . Creating art is the closest thing to being a God on earth in my opinion.  However, live is fun too because you further the legacy of the song with this new incarnation of it

When you really need a boost creatively, what fuels you and is there something you seek out to do that will help spark that creativity?

What fuels my creativity is listening to New Age music. Usually it is blank of lyrics and almost like brain games to the neurons in the brain. Very stimulating

Where can fans connect with you online and get their hands on the new music?

IG and my website SeanStarEmpire.com

Bookings:  Bsquaredmgmt.com
Press:  Bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview