Remember when rock was fun and all about completely uninhibited good times with friends?  Enter, REVILUTION. This band reminds you why you ever wanted to ROCK in the first place. Read on to learn more about their creative process and upcoming plans. 

Thanks for your time today REVILUTION , we hear new music is on the way. 

What can you share with us?

Marie B, vocals: You’re welcome and thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed. The new music is high energy with more technical skills in it than ever before. Each band member has an opportunity to show our best skills. 

Scott Flint, guitar, vocals: We have some new music due out very soon that’s gonna melt your faces.

Marlon Cook, bass: New music is tight and aggressive. Bringing a new rhythm section in changes the band’s DNA.

Brandon Anderson, drums: Being one of two new members, REVILUTION is on a writing spree. As well as writing new, all original material we are perfecting a few of our older tracks. Expect hard hitting party tunes, we’re cranking out heat that everyone can enjoy and move with.

Dan Seitz, vocals, guitar: What we’re writing now is heavier than anything we’ve done before. It still retains the best elements of what makes REVILUTION unique, but the current lineup is truly working together to merge our individual styles and ideas and making the music so much better.

It’s no secret that the music biz is tough and not for the faint of heart. What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far?

Marie: Figuring out how to approach so many deaths in the entertainment industry as well as my personal life.

Scott: Club owners making the bands pay to play. 

Marlon: No big problems thus far, but current lineup is is ready to play through any biz trouble.

Brandon: I’m a people person at heart, but life sometimes puts me in a withdrawn state where I’m constantly deep in thought and I become a bit quiet. Networking and socializing is a big part of this games, so breaking out of my shell and being the up-beat person I was meant to be has been a challenge at times. That’s where REVILUTION comes in to save the day, just being around these folks does so much to keep me in a balanced/healthy mindset.

Dan: Getting five people in the same room that share a vision and truly want to be there. There’s no shortage of talented musicians around, but an ego, bad attitude, or lack of commitment can cripple the whole machine in a hurry. We had a bit of a revolving door going for a while; we’d lose our drummer and bassist at the same time, then have to search for new guys, then the new guys wouldn’t work out. We’ve managed to keep moving forward through it all, and we’ve finally found our rhythm brothers in Marlon and Brandon, but it’s been a hell-ride, no doubt. And I’m grateful to Scott and Marie for staying the course while we navigated those choppy waters.

What do you enjoy most about being musicians? 

Dan: Seeing people get off on our original music when we play live. 

Marie: For me, I like performing music with my band mates. With this lineup there’s been a click between us from the get-go. It gets better every time we get together.

Scott: For me it’s playing live shows.

Marlon: Playing on stage is the best, but creating songs from our own minds, that’s pretty darn cool, too.

Brandon: I love meeting other musicians and artists. Every time you jam with a new artist, you imprint on each other and leave a lasting mark. Freedom of expression is a beautiful thing and music allows us to convey thoughts that we can’t find the words for. That’s why I adore music.

Marie: If I could change anything about the music industry it would be stop streaming music. Streamed music lacks the intangible elements which are only audible on hard copies of sound. It lacks soul and depth. It also devalues music monetarily.

Scott:  To stop club owners from prostituting the bands

Marlon: I don’t know that you can change the biz, it’s a pretty wicked industry.

Brandon: I would change the adversarial nature of the biz. Competition is good, but if we could all let our guards down and share with our fellow musicians we’d all grow at exponentially greater rate.

Dan: It’d be nice if we got paid fairly. A tire-buster with no experience makes more money at Goodyear. A lot of these clubs expect us to pay them for the privilege of playing there by selling tickets; meanwhile, if we bring forty people to the show they’ll buy drinks and party all night. We have to do our own advertising, our own booking, know how to play well, perform flawlessly on stage, and help the club make a bunch of money they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. And we’re lucky if we break even, especially if we’re playing out of town. 

Is writing music therapeutic for you guys? And if so, how? 

Marie: Yes. By writing music I can express things I’m going through. Sometimes that can be made into a song.

Scott:  In some ways it is, it’s knowing that we completed something awesome within the band and that’s a good feeling.

Marlon: Writing songs gives me a sense of worth. The bass is an extension of myself. I speak through it.

Brandon: Absolutely, I find myself craving our jam sessions throughout the week. We are blessed to have such a solid group of friends/professionals. Just being around these guys and gal is a breath of fresh air. Being in REVILUTION has made me a better musician and human, in many different ways.

Dan: Now that we have such a great and talented lineup, it’s definitely therapeutic for me. I have an idiotic grin on my face every time we get together!

Describe your sound in one sentence.

Marie: My sound is versatile. 

Scott: Hard edged, over the top, in your face, blazing hot rock.

Marlon: Raw, free, pure fun expressed through tones, rudiments, and lyrics.

Brandon: Humble yet heavy.

Dan: Melodic metal music with a message.

Any dream gigs or stages you’ve always wanted to play?

Marie: No. I want to do movies. Prince took off with his album and movie Purple Rain. That is what I mean when I’m saying that.

Scott: Japan is it for me.

Marlon: Hollywood Bowl-Greek!

Brandon: I’d love to rock a stadium, opening for Iron Maiden.

Dan: Cobo Hall, Budokan, Long Beach Arena, Hammersmith Odeon, Monsters Of Rock, Ozz Fest!!!

Big shows on the horizon and how do we get tix? 

Marie: Unknown.

Marlon: Bigger shows coming, and stay connected via media links and band homepage!

Brandon: Even though we’re in a constructive phase, writing new jams and polishing old tracks up… we’re ready to rock, even on short notice. Looking forward to shows in Vegas coming up very soon, to be announced shortly.

Please tell our readers how they can support you on line and be part of REVILUTION!

Marie: To support us you can buy the music and merch at the band website and interact with our social media posts between shows. We like hearing from our fans.

Scott: Log onto 

Dan: You can also find us at or Spotify or YouTube We’re also on Instagram @revilutionband and Twitter @revilutionband. See you there!!!

End of Interview