We are so honored to be interviewing you today Patricia! We know that your mission is to spread love through your words and music which is so inspiring! How do you stay grounded and not waiver from that mission?

My mission is to spread love joy healing and peace through the power of words and music, and to help others to live their dreams. I am committed to authentic self-expression, collaboration, and creativity. For everyone around me as well as myself. Staying grounded and focused is a daily aspiration. I have my days… and I don’t always succeed in keeping it front and center. I find it helps to have my mission and commitment statement written down and to read it regularly.

Who inspires you when it comes to staying on the path of music? 

When someone tells me my songs help them get out of bed in the morning, or that a song of mine got them through a difficult time in their life, or that they played one of my songs to celebrate something special, that is the biggest inspiration of all. 

What was the most exciting experience you’ve had so far in your career? 

Winning three Peace Song Awards in 2020, including the overall Grand Prize was incredibly exciting.

Every Heart One Love, my most recent single, won the Peace Song Award for Best Rock + Pop Song of 2020. It was chosen unanimously by the judging panel, which included musical luminaries Stewart Copeland of The Police; Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary; and Ralph Simon, co-founder of Zomba and Jive Records. It was so exciting to know that these giants in the music world listened to my song. And to find out they unanimously chose it made it even more exciting.

And, on top of all that, my song (Say Yes) World With a Little More Love won in the 2020 World Music Category! A very exciting night!

What does making “it” mean to you? 

Having a positive impact through authentic self-expression, partnership and creativity. Enjoying the collaborative process of creating music that is creatively satisfying, culturally and critically successful, and financially rewarding. 

What are you working on right now that you can share with us?

I have a new single coming out February 12, 2021. (Say Yes) World With a Little More Love (feat. Ryan Hiraoka). 

I think we can all agree that the world could use a little more love right now. Especially right now. (Say Yes) World With a LIttle More Love will be officially out on February 12, 2020, bringing the love just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I wrote this song with Ryan Hiraoka and Kristin Lagasse, both Hawaii-based performing artists, when I was there for the Hawaii Songwriting Festival in 2019. We set up in a hotel meeting room one afternoon, and set out to write an upbeat song of unity, togetherness and inclusion. Ryan is a Na Hoku Hanohano award-winning recording artist and music producer from the Big Island of Hawaii with millions of plays worldwide. He’s on the rap-sing feature that happens in the bridge of the song. He has also recorded a version of the song. His version is called World of Love and is available on all platforms. You can find him on FB/IG: @ryanhiraokamusic.

I’m also excited about my new collaboration/partnership with BSquared where I will be mentoring and coaching Bsquared artists who want to develop their artistry to fully express themselves and be creative via songwriting and performance.

I love helping people connect with the joy of making music and the magic of songwriting and helping them to realize their dreams through the power of song, so I’m super excited for this.

How do our followers listen to your music and follow you on social media?

WEBSITE: http://patriciabahia.com

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