Hi Nomae! Thank you for taking this interview with us! What has the difference been between 2020 Nomae vs. 2021 Nomae?

2020 Nomae was quietly transforming and 2021 Nomae is actively pursuing big dreams. I have spent too many years secretly dreaming of a career in music and doing nothing about it. It’s like I’m awake now and newly unafraid (most days)!

Is there anything or one that has contributed to the growth?

MINDSET. I gave myself permission to try and I decided I was going to be the person who didn’t quit. Been learning on fast forward ever since.

What do you base your success on?

Whether or not I am enjoying the journey. It’s so easy to compare myself to others, which usually turns into a downward spiral. If you start from the place of “I’m not doing enough,” you’ll constantly miss the joy of the moment in front of you. I only get today – not the past or future. If I have gratitude for what’s in front of me, the rest will take care of itself. 

How has the support of your fans kept you to keep on going?

It’s funny… For a long time I thought doing music was selfish, therefore I shouldn’t do it. I love the creative process so much that it feels self-serving, and that I ought to find a way to serve others. (Like I said, I’m learning a lot about my loco mindset.) So when people are engaging and enjoying my work, it kinda blows my mind! I am encouraged again and again by their responses! So thankful. 

Any major news to share?

My next single, Favorite, drops June 11!

Beyond that, there’s much more new music coming!

What do new fans need to stream RIGHT now of yours?

I have a tender spot in my heart for one of my recent releases, Brave Together. It’s out everywhere!

Where can they keep up with you going forward?

I’m most active on ig – @nomae.music

Leave us with one word to keep us guessing about what’s next for you! 


End of Interview