Hi Natasha! Thanks for being here today!

Thanks for having me! 

You have a new single coming out, tell us about it!

Yes, I do. It’s called “Brother Brother” and it’s a very personal song written about not letting go of the ones you love in a circumstance such as addiction. 

What was the creative process behind this song? 

This song I wrote at a low point last year in watching someone very close to me struggle with addiction. I had and have so much compassion for people going through these things. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with helping or shutting their loved ones out, but in the end, I want them to know that we are here and we won’t let you go. The lyrics came right away to me even though I tweaked them a few times. But it was the chords that took the most time to shape. 

You have been busy releasing a lot of new music this year, how were you able to remain so creative? 

Good question! Well I had a lot of my releases recorded right before the pandemic hit, so that was just lucky… but then I had to figure out how I was going to go about promoting them and change up my game plan because people were feeling different this year. I spent a lot of time building relationships with my fans and getting to know them this year, and I had to be sensitive to how everyone was feeling and guess which songs were at the right time to release them. I had my high and low days creating though overall. 

How often do you set goals for yourself? 

I set them sometimes every day, or at least they change daily especially with the world like this right now. I just have to be ready for anything. Including completely altering my plans because no one really knows what next year is going to look like.

How do you manage stress? 

Sleep sleep sleep lol. Sleep is a big one for me and I’m very consistent with that. Also, I TRY and do some form of exercise every day, lately, it’s been just walking an hour a day in the mornings since the gyms are closed. I sometimes fit yoga and meditation in but I’m never as consistent with that as I should be. That’s a work in progress for sure 🙂 

You are going on a road trip, what song has to be on your playlist? 

Girls just wanna have fun!

Please tell our readers where they can find you and stay up to date with your latest releases!!

Yes, Here are links!

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/19chFEBAV8oyzlYABqLG0Y?si=rCAq9ZU4Q4GGxrdYwgVwaw

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/natashajanej

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/natashajanejulian

TWITTER www.twitter.com/natashajanej

TIKTOK: www.tiktok.com/natashajanej

SOUNDCLOUD: www.soundcloud.com/natashajanejulian 

Thank you for your time!

Thank you!!!