Mizz (she/they) is a filmmaker, actor, musician and activist currently based in New York. In 2022 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Magna Cum Laude from NYU Tisch with a minor in Psychology. One of her life’s passions is to create art focused on inclusion and diversity as well as constructing safe spaces for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists. Throughout her life she has travelled around the world including Malaysia, London and New York, hoping to bridge cultural gaps to cultivate more empathy and understanding within others.

So great to have you interview with us Mizz! What have you been up to? 

As the city starts to slow down with the holiday season coming up I’m honestly taking time to reflect on the work I’ve done and brainstorming ideas for the next project. A lot of scripts are in development right now, I will be fleshing out some old ideas and working on a couple new ones. I’m excited to showcase more of this once it’s ready for production! 

Any creative risks you have taken lately that have paid off?

The script that I’m currently working on is intended to be an absurd, ridiculous, musical, dramedy. There are alot of things in this script that I have yet to touch upon in my work that I’m excited to start implementing. The outlandish nature of this script will either be received very well or could be completely misinterpreted. However, I am willing to take that risk as I believe those who do understand the point of this project will thoroughly enjoy it. 

What would you like to master when it comes to your acting?

I think staying present is something I will always need to work on and hopefully one day I’ll master. We live in a very busy society where everything demands our attention all the time so it’s getting increasingly difficult. However, over the years I’ve definitely gotten better at staying present. This has translated into my acting as the practice pushes me to stay in the moment and organically react to the things and people around me.

Can you take us into the process of the making of your latest roles?

The kendo project has been an incredibly fulfilling project. We have been training for the last month and a half at the Ki Body And Spirit studio in Long Island. The process of developing this role has been the most detailed work I think I’ve ever done. Kendo is very specific and there are always small adjustments I can make to ensure my movement flows better. I think it’s very easy to enter autopilot when doing any physical activity but Kendo also implements meditation at the beginning of class, which reminds us to stay present and focused throughout.  

Less is more or more is more when it comes to your acting?

More is more and if you need to pull back, trust your team to let you know. I think it’s scarier to make bold choices but I always say throw everything at the wall, some things will work, some won’t but It’s better to have a range of choices than to have no choices at all. 

Any hidden meanings in the projects you pick? 

Not necessarily, I think every project reflects a different facet of myself or a version of myself I have yet to explore. Being able to embody different characters allows me to explore different lives and experiences, it connects me to different individuals and reminds me that we’re all just human. No one is more or less than anyone, we’re all just here.

Any predictions about your career for next year? 

It’s hard to make predictions in an industry as rocky as this one but I definitely have a few manifestations in mind. I’d like to work on some longer term projects- be a series regular on a show or work on a feature for a couple months but I think I’m most concerned with the kinds of stories I want to tell. I love the fantasy genre and I want to explore that a little more.  

Is there a dream goal you are daydreaming about? 

Besides the many awards I hope to have in a fancy glass cabinet? It’ll be cool to open a vegan donut shop – spread a little love and hopefully satisfy taste buds. The world just needs more kindness and connection, it doesn’t really matter to me how I express that as long as I’m doing that everyday, then I’ve accomplished my goal. 

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