Welcome, it’s great to have you, Megan! You’re a four time #1 best selling author, what inspired you to start writing?

What inspired me to start writing was just how much I had experienced in my short 24 years on earth. I have been through mental health issues, unhealthy eating habits, toxic relationships and a major health scare. I have been very into journaling my whole life and I also have always been the person people go to for advice! So It just felt very natural and right to me, to put my thoughts and real life experiences into a book and hopefully help someone who feels alone or that no one “gets” them.

How old were you when you wrote your first book?

I wrote my first book at 19, I had just dropped out of community college and was very unfulfilled. I felt like I needed to find my passion and was at that age of, “who am I and what is my purpose in life”.

They are so important because when you do take care of yourself and go get your nails done, or a facial or get a good night’s rest. You feel better about yourself, and that creates this healthy spiral/domino effect of making more positive choices and wanting to do things that make you feel good. Exercise is huge because it releases chemicals in your brain, seratonin and dopamine, that create a good feeling in your body. It’s a stress reliever and takes your mind off of whatever you’re stressed about. I love doing workout classes where I kinda have to focus on what I’m doing and tune out my thoughts.

You dealt with anxiety as a teen, what advice would you give teens experiencing anxiety?

My biggest piece of advice I would say is- don’t give up. I know it sounds cheesy and everyone says it, but it’s really true. Whatever you are in the middle of, just breathe through it, ask for help or go seek a therapist. Same goes for pursuing your passions, you can’t give up on yourself and your dreams so you wouldn’t give up on your mental wellbeing, would you? You have to believe in yourself and your potential.

Why do you feel that teaching mindfulness and self care at schools is so important?

I feel it’s so important because I want teenagers to feel like they are being set up for real life, long-term success and happiness. Not just about college or this gpa. I remember what it was like being a teen and I felt not good enough with my body, insecure about everything and overwhelmed. I know so many people, I grew up with, that are in their mid 20’s/early 30’s and are confused, stressed and not happy in their relationships or jobs. I feel that if schools taught teenagers that they have all the answers within and can achieve whatever they set their mind to, then they would be so much more happy and self-sufficient. I want to give teens the toolbelt, with all the techniques, for dealing with real life situations: financial issues, loved ones passing away, anxiety, depression, etc- So they know how to handle it and work through it instead of freaking out, or getting into a negative habit.

Where can fans find you on social media?

Thank you!! That’s crazy to hear because in my mind, I still have SO many things I want/ need to accomplish, I’m always thinking about how I can work harder, smarter and get to that next level of being a published author and motivational speaker.

I am @meganwgallagher on every platform!!
Press Inquiries:  bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

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