Texas-based rock singer-songwriter Mark Winters is many things; a witty poet, passionate musician, entrepreneur, optimist, family man, and a bonafide rocket scientist. He first picked up a guitar to play a song for his wife on their anniversary. That’s when he discovered the joy of connecting with people through music. Mark combines music, poetry, a science background, and love for his community to form his signature sound, “rock with a positive vibe.”

Hi Mark Winters! Thank you for taking this interview! Are you performing anywhere LIVE? 

Yes, We have two full band shows coming up 10/5 at 1810 Ojiman with Lua Flora (our beach folk friends from SC) and Charlie and The Regrets.  Folk rock meets Alt Country!  The show is at 1810 Ojiman in Houston, and should be a blast.  We also have a great event at The Acadia in Houston with Makes My Blood Dance Dec 5th.  It’s a festival, and should have some amazing rock vibes.

How important is the chemistry at the venue between you and the audience when you’re performing?

I start my performances giving as much energy to the crowd as possible.  I hope to receive some love back as the show progresses, it really helps power me during the show.  The way I view things, I am there to give emotion and energy to my amazing “Positive Vibe Tribe”.  Any energy that comes back to me is a bonus, very appreciated and one of the greatest feelings a performer can have.

Does stage fright ever hit right before a set? How do you work through that?

No, I have not really had stage fright.  I can be “thrown off” sometimes if something happens with the sound mix or audience, but I have a great routine to get me back on track.  I work hard to get on the same vibe as the audience as we interact, and that makes the show more intuitive and less likely to come apart.  Another thing that helps is my performances are fluid and live so impromptu solos and breaks are part of the show.

What kind of experience will your fans get at a show of yours?

We channel energy, positive energy during the show.  That’s how I like to write music, and that’s the type of musicians I love to perform with.  Come to the show and get some RockWithAPositiveVibe, and you will leave feeling great about how rock music can help shine a light on the beautiful world we live in and the people in it.

Any fun fan moments at a concert you can share?

I have had some great audience participation (still working on the singing along), my last show in Mississippi I had a nice standing ovation for a guitar solo.  My most memorable fan experience was after a show in New Orleans, a couple came up after my set and shared with me how much they enjoyed my music and appreciated the positive vibe.

Let us know all about your music right now and where our audience can listen to everything you put out to support! 

You can find my music on all streaming platforms under “Mark Winters”, please hit me up on socials to join me on my journey


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/markwintersmusic

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YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/MarkWintersMusic

URL: www.markwintersmusic.com

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