The enigmatic style and modern sounds of Lindsey Compton…

Hello, where are you from and where are you currently located?

I’m from a small town called Orient, Oh. That was actually our mailing city. Grew up in the country about 30 mins south of Columbus, OH. Currently I live in the Fashion District DTLA.

How do you describe your genre of music overall?

My music pop structured as in there is a hook, verse, chorus, bridge. I have a lot of attitude so the goal is getting that fearless edge to come across. Sonically I love distortion on every instrument. And a forward clean pop vocal. I have a lot of power in my voice and tend to use a lot of blues/soul melodies.

Tell us about your latest new single and video release!

The latest single is called “Money Bags” I wrote this with my girl Justine OK in my Los Angeles apartment. When writing w really visualized babes of all ages breaking the rules…good girls gone bad. Inspired a lot by the show Claws, and Good Girls. I want my music to be on both of those shows. The music video has not been shot yet, but it will be sooooo cute when done.

The latest video release will be for a song I have called ‘Starstruck’ I shot this with my dear friends Koishik and Flick from Ohio.I also had director Robert Hayman help with it. Have a lot of really talented friends who always seem willing to collaborate with me. I’m a lucky girl. Lots of fun colorful outfits this one.

Please tell us about your upcoming shows and tour plans?

The sky is the limit here. Live is where the entire brand comes together. The writing, music production, dance, fashion, drama… the drama. I’m talking with bookers in LA right now and nothing is on the book as of now. Will probably be late Feb 2020. And believe me.. I’m dying with anticipation. My entire life goal is to tour.  To open for a major act.

How would you describe your LIVE show to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

My live show is high energy, fun, sassy, dramatic, engaging… I live to lift others up.





End of Interview