How are you making out in 2021 with your music? 

Edem: Great! BsquaredMGMT reached out to us in March of this year, and it’s been an exciting journey since then. We’ve been really concentrating on creating new music and pushing our Instagram and Facebook presence because of our partnership.

Brett: Amazingly well. We were forced to expand into new technologies which increased the speed of our creative abilities and enabled us to deliver more music to our fans. As the live performance side of entertainment took a hiatus, streaming activity soared and more people were able to find us. It was serendipitous. We’ll be continuing this in 2021.

What has the difference been between 2020 KinderCrowdControl vs. 2021 KinderCrowdControl? 

Edem: Our attention to social media. Thanks to BsquaredMGMT, we’ve been concentrating on this for, to be honest, the first time. As a result we’ve been making more reels and stories etc. etc. We probably wouldn’t have been as diligent regarding this had it not been for them.

Brett: I believe that we’ve grown a lot in one year. Our writing, recording, and delivery have all improved and I credit those around us who continue to spread the word. We love you all!

Is there anything or one that has contributed to the growth? 

Edem: We’ve been working more with Sandra Ban, the celebrated artist, and our voice, from Croatia. As above, and this can not be stressed enough, BsquaredMGMT. Marco Rocha of Transmission Lima for continuing to spin our music on his podcasts from Lima, Peru. Brett Smith, my collaborator of 40+ years, for his ongoing friendship, partnership, skill, and enthusiasm.

Brett: Ditto what Edem said. Also, we’ve been using social media more these days which has contributed to the velocity of our music’s exposure.

What do you base your success on? 

Edem: To me, our success has always been creating unique music that is true to ourselves, and surprising ourselves with what we create.

Brett: Persistence.

How has the support of your fans kept you to keep on going? 

Edem: Let’s see, that’s a good question. Fans that stream us, and fans that download our music, definitely help provide sustenance for us to upload new music. Our great thanks goes out to them. Also Marco Rocha of Transmission Lima for continually spinning our music on his podcasts from Lima, Peru. And, rest in peace, Eugene Sotela who created the Drowning Pool 1984 FaceBook page and kept Drowning Pool Music alive before KinderCrowdControl was launched in 2010.

Brett: Every time we hear from one of our fans it sparks our desire to do more. It’s in our nature to crave attention, so everyone who’s reached out to us has given us energy to deliver more. I’m excited about our future and can only see things continue to grow and expand.

Any major news to share? 

Edem: We are enjoying the exposure we’re getting thanks to BsquaredMGMT. We’ve had a number of great interviews as a result of their attention. More and more people are hearing, and being introduced to, our music. We have recently released “Rhapsody in C19” and “Day Zero”. We are also revisiting some songs off of our 2nd release “Songs To Saadet” to re-release as remastered and remixed gems that might otherwise get lost in an album format.

Brett: We continue to create new music. Keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram pages as we post everything we’re doing there.

What do new fans need to stream RIGHT now of yours? 

Edem: Any of our most recently released songs; “MMXX/Romans”, “Rhapsody in C19”, “Day Zero”. These pieces reflect our response to the current narratives in the world. Also the soon to be released “Eastside Western” remix and remaster. But really any of our music. Check it out!

Brett: Every song we’ve written is just the tip of the iceberg. My advice would be to start with one of our newer works and then work around from there. Alice, the rabbit hole runs deep!

Where can they keep up with you going forward?

Edem: We are being more diligent with our Instagram posts. Also Facebook. But anyone who wants to follow us on Instagram is greatly appreciated. Both platforms have our latest news.

Brett: Ditto.

Leave us with one word to keep us guessing about what’s next for you! 

Edem: Surprise.

Brett: This.

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