Are you playing anywhere live this summer?

Nothing planned as yet. We are primarily a recording team. This is important to say. This is why the current paradigm didn’t really affect us creating music. We come up with riffs and concepts, then get together and record live. Then bounce these ideas around, get together for a final mix, and voila.

Jamming with anyone on your set?

We are excited to be working with Sandra Ban, a celebrated Croatian artist, who lends her words and acumen to the conceptual songs we put together.
We work remotely and, for clarification, she never hears the pieces before adding her commentary and narration. Her insights into our concepts are amazing. For instance in Romans, we sent her a questionnaire regarding the lock-down paradigms, asking her if she felt it was government overreach, and if she was afraid. She replied: “No, absolutely I’m not afraid”, and “Freedom is a punk philosophy”. Fantastic. Love and no fear. Also we occasionally work with Toby Karlin who provides excellent drums, percussion, and saxophone. We are very grateful to have them both.

Where do you want to go play most?

Our living rooms/studio/recording area.

How much fun do you have on stage?

When we do/did we have an amazing time. We play LOUD. We cut our teeth playing L.A. and the West Coast circuit. We were a revered live act. Many reviews and a large following. We have so many stories about this. Check out our “This Could Happen To You” Series on our Instagram page: kindercrowdcontrol to hear more of these.

Are you excited for anything coming up?

Yes! We have a new piece we’re working on with Sandra Ban called, her Croatian title, “Što Da Radim” which translates to “What To Do?”. This is a Croatian ethnic song which is sung in a folk tradition celebrating the pathos of life. We are incorporating her singing this traditional piece into our music. Again, she had not heard our instruments/song structure previously, 
and her voice fit perfectly. Magical dancing.

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