Happy New Year Kim! What has your motivation been like so far? 

So far, it’s been fantastic. Now, I do live in one of the most beautiful places on earth (Miami Beach), and we are in our nicest months right now, so it’s pretty much picture perfect everyday.

Yes, I am a little bit spoiled!

You have such exciting projects that you’ve been working on! Can you give our readers some inside scoop on them?

My biggest project is my full length animated film called Seaper Powers. We are finishing the last tiny bits and pieces, so I am hoping in a month or so, to say it is complete. The movie is about a little girl who discovers she has magical powers when surrounded by magical sea grass in the Caribbean ocean. Her powers give her abilities to breath underwater and even talk to fish! While no one believes her, she befriends an octopus, a starfish, even an eel! Growing up in Vermont, the little girl, Emma, only experienced ocean adventures when she went on holiday with her parents. As an only child, and living in a remote neighborhood, it was difficult to play with friends during holiday breaks.

Winters in Vermont were long and lonely. The octopus, Oliver, that she meets in this story, is an adventurous sea creature, who struggles to make friends because he is more interested in exploring than playing with the other octopus. Steve, the starfish, is a very bright orange creature. His color is unaccepted by the other starfish, forcing him to spend time alone. All three of these main characters find themselves drawn to each other to find acceptance and friendship.

 What are some more goals you want to reach in 2021?

I think…and I say this for the first time, that I want to start writing the screenplay for the sequel of Seaper Powers. Now, this would take me the rest of the year to complete, but I am feeling a little inspired these days.

Any advice you can give to the artist who is struggling to keep up with their passion with so much going on in the world right now? 

The world is super hard. I miss touring and hope to get back to touring by Spring. I think we all just need to have hope. Hope can really help keep us grounded. 

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