We love your new song Rule. What was the inspiration behind the song?

First of all, thank you! 

“Rule” is about persistence, passion, and fighting for what you believe and love. It’s about not letting your weak moments define your future. Life is a roller coaster of ups, downs and going around, and it’s up to us to decide what this whole ride is going to be about, to me, I believe that it’s important to enjoy it as much as we can and learn from it. 

I tend to take my experiences and write them in a relationship perspective, but it’s really meant for every area in our lives. I was going through a tough moment where my life wasn’t really stable, career, personal life and, consequentially, love life. I went through it, and it always feels like going through fire, but you always come out renewed from it. 

Do you find writing music to be therapeutic?

Definitely! I started writing poems at a very young age, with no experiences whatsoever. But when I got to my early teenage years, my life turned upside-down, and my way of dealing with my struggles was writing about them. And honestly, that saved my mental health, music is and always was the humming of my soul. 

What is one of you favorite songs to sing live?

I love singing “Beautiful People” by Ed Sheeran, cause it has such an important message behind, and goes against what music industry tries to preach, which is image, and I believe that music shouldn’t be determined by image, but for talent and hard work. And of course, my originals, I always have fun with them, like my songs “Love” from my acoustic EP, a song that I have to give my all to pass on to the crowd the right feeling behind it, and it’s always amazing to have people coming to me saying how relatable they feel, also “Outside”,  a song that I’m still working on to be released soon! In which I do a lot of guitar loops, and it’s a fun story to sing! 

When did you know music was something you wanted to do?

I sing since very very small. I grew up in church, so from the age of 4 I started singing at huge events with big names in the Gospel world. When I was 8 I decided that there was nothing in life that would make me more happy than music, so I started pursuing that passion, teenage years came, and I wasn’t sure of anything besides music, and making music. It’s a rough path, but I don’t regret any second, or any struggle that I have to go through to be successful in what I love doing. 

Tell us more of what you have planned for 2020?

I have this whole project that I’m putting together. “Rule” was the first song to open this chapter, what I like to call, and it’s the most different sounding one. The other songs are still Alternative, but they lean more to RnB.

I have 8 songs that I chose to work on throughout the whole year, I’ve written a story, and I have an amazing visual artist working with me to deliver my first Audio Visual project. I’m very excited to make this work, and I’m doing everything I can to make it possible! 

Where can we support you on social media?

I’m more active on Instagram, because there I have a huge artistic freedom. People can see all my artist sides, from pictures and videos I edit, music I write and produce, and from time to time a little bit of my audio engineer side. You can also go to my website www.itisjuliah.com, which was another personal project, because I chose every single detail on that, and we’re still gonna be adding fun stuff to it. 

Thank you for the opportunity, for giving me the space to talk a little bit about my art, and for believing in me! 

Much love, 

Juliah – the girl on the moon. 

End of Interview