Hi Joey! Wonderful to speak with you!

Glad to be here!

You recently got back into the studio to record! How did that go?

Well, the studio is my natural habitat LOL. I got into the music business to work on my own music, but these days, while I own a commercial studio with all the bells and whistles, I spend much of my time being a producer, sound engineer, music business consultant and session musician. So, I don’t have as much time to work on my own music as you might think LOL. However, I love recording my own music by myself or bringing in my session team or even guest artists.

So all went well, and we had a blast working on some new music that I hope to release this year. I am basically ready, but waiting until the live music market becomes more stable after the 2 years of COVID before releasing the new recordings. It just doesn’t make sense for the kind of independent artist that I am to spend money on radio and other promo if I can’t do live shows.

Is there an overall theme that you are trying to capture when creating new music?

Not usually. I just write what comes to me and later I find songs that fit well together for one reason or another. Most people don’t listen to the full album from start to finish due to how we consume music digitally these days. This is kind of like the 50’s when singles were most of what was in the marketplace—while in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s people got together to listen to albums. That isn’t to say that I don’t very carefully sequence the album, I do, but I don’t think it matters as much as it used to.

How often do you set goals for yourself?

I am always thinking and planning, so I set goals for myself whenever I think of a new approach or idea that I find compelling. However, I don’t constantly re-invent the wheel, as if you do that you will never accomplish anything!

If you could be next-door neighbors with any other artist, who would it be any why?

Oh, I would love to live next door to a few artists. Partly for the fun of having a neighborly conversation but also to possibly collaborate!

Right now I am a bit obsessed with Dora Jar!!! I think it is some of the most compelling music/art I have heard in a long time! So, would love to live next door!

Who/what lifts you up when you feel like you cannot?

My Dad, Mom and Wife, Jennifer! I also have so many great friends, too many to list, but they know who they are!

I work hard to keep things in proper perspective. I am not always successful, but I try. My basic litmus test is, “is it a brain tumor”? And if it isn’t, I try to stop complaining and get on with the day. I am a blind brain tumor survivor and have had quite the journey and struggles over the years with health issues, but I am victorious and plan to stay that way!

Now, there is nothing wrong with feeling unhappy or frustrated or even angered from time to time, that is healthy. But I just don’t live in those places and I return to a place of gratitude!

To be very clear here, I think it is important to talk about what is going right and what isn’t. Otherwise, you can’t address the things that need changing. I just think it isn’t fruitful to live in a place of discontent!

Are there any milestones you are working on towards in your career right now?

I am still preaching accessibility for the blind in the music and audio industry! I have been doing this for my entire career, but recently am making great progress! I would encourage my sighted counterparts in the music and audio industry to take a moment and read the article I just wrote for AES so we can begin a conversation about addressing this issue. I am for music and audio being accessible to all and there are a lot of things that need work, from access for those with motor issues to the hearing inpaired and more, but my specialty is for the blind, so that is my focus!

Here’s the link to the AES article https://aes2.org/accessibility-for-all/

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