Thank you for your time today.  Please share with our readers the latest news of Jesse Rundle!

What have been your greatest achievements in 2019?

2019 was a big one for me. I bought a house in Boise after years of apartment living and bothering my neighbors with my late night singing. The big news though is I finally finished the album I’ve been working on for a couple years. It all started in 2017 when I was strumming a guitar with the book of Wallace Stevens poems open on my chair. I wrote a song that night and wrote about 30 more songs from that poetry book over the next six months. The hard part was finding arrangements that express the energy of each poem. Each song on this album came together so slowly I thought it would never be done. My friends definitely thought I’d lost my mind. But I made it! And I’m really happy with it.

Where are you headed for 2020?

The top priority is getting the album out the door. My friend, and Boise artist, Ryan Hadden, is putting together a beautiful art book companion piece to the vinyl edition. He interpreted each of the poems with incredible detail and color. I can’t wait to get that printed and send it out to friends. After that, I’m going to start recording a groovy, ambient instrumental album that I have demos of but I need to finish up. I’m also working on a version of my live set up that includes organ tones and drum loops on top of the guitar parts that I can still play solo.

Please tell us about your latest single release!

Nomad Exquisite is the opening track from the album and really sets the stage for what is to come. I wanted to capture the exuberant energy of an explorer in the Florida Everglades. I just love the image in the song of the dew of Florida bringing out all that green.

I made the lyric video from footage from Everglades National Park and it’s full of birds, swamps, and alligators. It’s been fun to see everyones reactions to the song and video. It seems to really resonate with people that have a special connection to Florida and the landscape and wildlife there.

Where do you seek inspiration when writing and creating new music?

Melody is always my starting point. That can be on the guitar or singing in the shower or with a synthesizer. I’m just looking for a line that sticks. I know I found something when I’m out running or biking later that day and the melody keeps resonating in my ears.

I go to a lot of shows and constantly seek out new music to get inspired and see what people are making. I love the energy of live music and I am always looking for those bands that are little quirky but you know they absolutely love what they do.

Where can we follow you on line?

I’m kind of an old school Instagrammer. I like pictures of trees and clouds and I put up videos of guitar ideas I’m working on. I’m always on SoundCloud too, putting up song ideas and demos. I like so many different kinds of music and SoundCloud is like my playground for experimenting and sharing that stuff with friends. You can also find me on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, etc. of course.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

If you want to talk about the music or the poetry, please reach out. Talking with people about music and poetry is basically my favorite thing.

End of Interview