Jazmin! We are loving what you’re doing right now with your hosting? Can you give our readers some background on how you got into hosting and what projects you’re working on now?!

Thank you so much! I got into hosting simply because I love exploring and connecting with human beings, so being able to have conversations with some of the artists that I admire so deeply has been such a gift. I’m working on some really, really exciting interviews in this upcoming year, as well as some workshops and panels!

What’s a priority when it comes to work life balance?

I always want to make sure that I’m incorporating play as much as I can into everything that I do. If I’m not having fun, I simply don’t see the point! We always need to make sure our inner children are taken care of.

Do you enjoy collaborating? Are there more benefits or challenges?

I do! I’m pretty independent and come up with many of my favorite ideas on my own, but there is so much beauty in community and to be able to do something alongside someone I trust and mutually admire is a lot of fun. There can of course be challenges, but the benefits outweigh for sure.

Do you think it’s possible to not have social media presence when you’re in entertainment and still thrive?

I honestly wish hahahaha I find myself wanting to run away from being on social media quite often, but in order to connect with people, I have to be on it. I think certain entertainers are able to be offline, like maybe actors or already-successful musicians, but for anyone still actively building their foundation, you have to be online. You just have to be responsible with it and not use it to value your worth!

How do our readers go show support and love to your projects?!

Thank you so much! You can visit LaliLaLuna.TV or check me out on Instagram @jazminkylene or @lalilalunatv 

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview