Hi Emily Kate! It is great to talk to you today!

Tell us about your latest release!

I’m so excited that my debut EP “All In” is finally out! Comprised of 4 songs, All In features tracks “Giant, All In, Space and The Whole Time.” Giant is an inspirational, soulful country pop song. Designed to encourage and remind the listener to believe in themselves against any odds. All In is about standing up for yourself in any situation, and is a reminder to walk away if you’re not getting the respect you deserve. The third track, Space, is about the ones that got away. The what could have been, and the right place wrong timing.The last track, The Whole Time, I wrote the morning after a fun night out. It’s an upbeat song is about going out with friends and meeting someone who takes your breath away. Its lyrics are a twist on the common saying, ‘you had me at hello.’ and instead, this song is about someone having you ‘the whole time.’

What was the inspiration for it?

The inspiration was just from my everyday life. I started writing songs as a way to help myself get through my feelings, and then I realized that perhaps other people needed to hear them too. I really think that a lot of us go through very similar experiences in life, and music really allows us to connect about them. 

What is inspiring you right now?

Right now, I am inspired by the slower pace and state that we are in because of lockdown. It has given me that chance to write more and reflect on my artistry. I’ve started to take a few courses on production and learn more about creating a song from beginning to end. I’m letting the music drive me forward and there is going to be even more music coming soon!

How do you keep your music on brand for you?

For me my music steams from who I am as a person. When I sit down to write a song, whether that be by myself or with others, I pull stories from my life. I pull ideas from what just happened over the weekend, or perhaps a feeling that I’ve been struggling with. I find writing this way and staying true to yourself, allows me stay on brand because it is the truth. It’s just me! 

Do you remember when you realized you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Two years ago when I was graduating university, I knew that I need to try to pursue a career in music, or I would regret it. I wasn’t super happy with the 9-5 business co-op jobs I had throughout university, and I believe that deep down I knew music was and has always been my true passion. I just needed a little push to start, and I am so glad I did! 

What has been the most surreal moment of your career so far?

Hearing my songs on Sirius XM radio!! It has always been my dream to have a song on the radio and now I have two songs! It is such an incredible feeling and I am so grateful to Sirius XM for supporting independent artists like myself! If you want to help support, call up your local Canadian country radio station and request “All In.” In addition, you can hear “All In” on Sirius XM Ch 171 CBC Country! 

What does it mean to you to be authentic?

To me authentic means to just be yourself, which s what I aim to do through my songwriting and performing. Over the past two years, this EP “All In”, was written from real experiences I’ve had in my life. These songs have taught me how to love myself, feel inspired, chase my dreams, have fun and grow as a person. They’ve been my reminder and helped me through heartbreaks, insecurities, and now they get to be yours. I hope that they can help you through your life as much as they have helped me.

Please let everyone know where to find you and your music!

You can find me on almost all social media platforms!

Instagram: @emilykate_music,

Tiktok: @emilykate_music,

Facebook: Emily Kate Music, and

ouTube: Emily Kate. A

Spotify: Emily Kate

Apple Music: Emily Kate and other streaming platforms.

URL: www.emilykatemusic.com 

Thank you for speaking with me today!

Thank you!

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

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