We are chatting today with – Diane Foster. Welcome! You are quite the busy bee – tell us all about your start to 2022 and fun things you have in the works!

Busy is truly an understatement but something I am very grateful for. When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life right?! I have many projects going on at once and am a master multi-tasker. We have two feature films in post production, two features in development, a music education series filming, several music videos filming and two documentaries in post. We are prepared to release all these projects 2022 and beyond!

What was your favorite project you worked on in 2021? 

The film Easter, Bloody Easter that I am now in post production on. It was immensely challenging because I Directed and Starred in the movie as well as Executive Produced. It is an extremely enjoyable and special film and I just know genre fans are going to love it-at least I hope they do! The film really knows what it is. The preparation going into it was with the ultimate blood, sweat, and tears. I cannot wait to share it with the world!

Tell us more about your production company WallyBird. What is the most challenging thing about being the boss? 

I really have been very lucky to work with wonderful people along the way but it comes with its fair share of pressures. The biggest challenge I would say I notice as a woman in the industry and in life, is to be taken seriously in the leadership position. In general, I feel women have to look and act a certain way to get things done. If we are “too assertive” we are labeled a Bitch. If we are ‘too nice” we are looked at as being a pushover. It’s really a difficult road to walk and something that most men wouldn’t be able to understand. Considering they are usually in the power positions, even discussing it sounds like we are complaining. Oy! So what I do now is not talk about it-  I create and make things. I do the things I want to do and show the world I can. I take action and I think as women and women supporting each other, if we keep taking action, we will take down the barriers there are and create a more equal playing field for ourselves and future generations of female filmmakers to be whatever we want to be. Be the change you want to see in the world step by step every day. 

Most of us have comfort shows we LOVE to watch – even if we have seen every episode 100 times. What is yours? 

I love the Office and actually hadn’t seen it until the pandemic. I really loved Bridgerton, Insecure, Big Little Lies, and the Morning show. I am currently watching Winning Time about the rise of the Lakers and really dig the style of how it’s told. I also love How-To with John Wilson and Last week tonight with John Oliver. For the ultimate guilty pleasure, its Love is Blind all the way!

What has been the most challenging role you’ve faced and why?

In my career the most challenging has been changing hats from producer to director to actor sometimes all on the same project like Easter, Bloody Easter. Each is a very unique and important role on set and off, and learning how to navigate each has come with making adjustments to fit the project. I always feel that I need to keep the focus on the integrity of each role, as filmmaking is a team sport and even when my role changes, it demands my attention and my very best. In life, I would have to say the most challenging and rewarding is being a mother. It has taught me so much about patience. It constantly tests my abilities to be a guiding force and also keep an open mind and heart allowing my children the space to learn and be themselves and make decisions for themselves even when I don’t agree. It is not easy and to be very frank, has required incredible strength from within. When kids are little they need you differently than when they are older. As they develop and change, my role in their life has changed too. Getting real comfortable with change is the most important lesson I have learned so far. My children are my greatest gift and I hope I make them proud and they know how much I love them unconditionally. As they get even older, it is my hope that they will see that, just as I see that from my own mother, and so goes the circle of life.  

You’re also a director and producer. Are women the minority in these roles? Are they being taken more seriously in the 21st century?

We are definitely the minority no doubt in terms of representation in those roles. The statistics show that there are very few women in these leadership roles and that’s one of things I have set out to change with my company, WallyBird Productions. My mission from the beginning has always been in equality and also diversity. It’s time to give more Women and BIPOC filmmakers a space to create at the levels men have had for centuries. I also want us to make the money they are making and I am going to see to that while I am here to do everything I can to make that happen. 

Tell us your dream project to work on.

I would love to do the most badass action film of all time with all female assassins. Explosions, stunts, car chases, the whole nine yards! It’s coming….just stay tuned….

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