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What inspired you to start playing and making music?

Feelings. I needed a place to put all of my feelings. Music has always felt like a very direct channel to be able to express some of those emotions that are a bit too difficult to put into a normal sentence. As a little kid I remember hearing some of the music that my parents played for me – The Beatles, Little Richard, Bruce Springsteen – and it just shot right through me like electricity. Music has always felt like the answer for me.

What was your first CD?

I’m actually not sure what my very first CD was. But I remember my first official vinyl. It was La Bamba by Ritchie Valens. I was probably six or seven and I’d just seen the movie on TV, and I had to have the record. I was so inspired.

Go-to karaoke song?

Mmmm, maybe Creep by Radiohead. Or Break On Through to the Other Side. Or Stand By Me. I’m not a huge karaoke-er, but those might be some of the songs I would sing if I were on the spot.

What would be your dream collaboration? 

Right now, I’m gonna go with Billie Eilish. She’s a great songwriter and she connects with her audience in such a deep way. I think that we’d complement each other really well, and that we’d each bring something completely unique to the equation. I’d love to get into the room with her and see what we’d create together. And then get on stage and sing it.

How do you recharge?

Nature. Meditation. Exercise. Reading. Spending time with family. Playing music in a room by myself. Ideally all of the above – going someplace beautiful by the ocean and getting to have quiet time with my wife and son. And then getting to have a moment to myself. That is an ideal recharge for me.

What does it mean to you, to be authentic?

To say EXACTLY what I’m thinking and feeling with zero buffer. It can be so hard to do. And not every situation or relationship lends itself to that. And sometimes it takes practice. But as far as art and music go, I think it’s absolutely the most important thing in the world. If I’m covering up what I’m really thinking and feeling, how on earth am I going to make an honest impact on you? 

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