As an infant, Macon’s Joey Stuckey lost his sight and sense of smell as the result of a brain tumor and was introduced to music from an early age. Despite his physical limitations, Stuckey has flourished in every aspect of his life. He has released several albums and has performed nationally and supported such legendary acts as Ted Nugent, Bad Company, Trisha Yearwood, James Brown, Clarence Carter, The B-52s and many more.

Stuckey, Macon’s official music ambassador, is proud to present his annual Alive Day celebration on September 29. Each year he celebrates the day his brain tumor was removed and affirmed his faith. This year’s special virtual event features a lineup of diverse, amazing Georgia-based artists: Jaye Madison, Sean Solo, Kendra and The Bunnies, Pamela Bedwell and the Pammie Kakes Ensemble, Roger Hurricane Wilson and headliner Stuckey.

The concert begins streaming at 6 p.m., eastern standard time, and can be viewed via Facebook Live on Joey Stuckey’s Official Facebook page.

Bellow is our recent Interview:

Joey, could you tell us more about your upcoming single?

This single “You Know My Name” is some of the best work I have done.It is a smoky blues rock track sizzling with lusty performances making every note pulse with attitude and is a swampy musical romp about a love that is partnered with lust for a woman that isn’t always interested in staying in the relationship. The song is part praise of the perfect woman, part plea for her to stay and part rebuke 

of some of the nonsense she pulls. In the lyrics you can hear the story unfold “Love can be cruel, oh but it can be so kind. I’m not playin’ games baby, no that’s only in your jealous mind”

The story is told with powerhouse vocals, dripping with a southern grit, while the guitar

takes on the blues machinations of someone like a young Eric Clapton.With pounding drums and bass, a cookin’ horn section reminiscent of a Stax or Sun Studio track and the sweet singing of the B3 organ, this is a must listen for blues enthusiasts! I produced, recorded and mixed this track at my Macon, Georgia, Shadow Sound Studio recording facility, home of the southern sound of the 70’s, and it features me on guitar and vocal and special guests Randall Bramblett of Traffic and Steve Winwood on B3 and Charlie Hoskyns of the UK band The Popes on bass.

 I am excited to release on this track September 29th as part of the festivities of “Joey Stuckey Alive Day”

You will be able to find it on all the usual suspects like Apple Music, Spotify…

Can you tell us more about the “Alive Day” Festival this 29th of September?

My Dad and Mom did such an amazing job keeping me focused as a child of two years old on affirmation instead of fear. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor around 18 months of age and the prognosis wasn’t good. In fact, they told my parents that I probably wouldn’t live, or if I did, I would never walk or talk. Well, I am now in my 40’s and I can walk and talk though the tumor left me blind and with a host of other health issues I deal with every day. I am most gloriously alive. The music festival was started in 2017 as a way to give back to my hometown of Macon, Georgia, where I serve as the official music ambassador.

I wanted to take my day of triumph and hope and make a day of affirmation for my community, day to revel in the joy of life and the power of music that all could enjoy for free, a chance to connect. I think in 2020 we need that more than ever! So this year, the festival is online because of COVID and will be streamable via Facebook


We have some outstanding artists from all across the US and you’ll be able to celebrate along with us from 6 to 9pm EDT. Throughout the day, I’ll also be posting alive day messages from friends celebrating with us. My sweet wife, Jennifer has taken this idea upon herself to arrange, without my knowledge of who will be part of the day and I look forward every year to see who will be stopping by to say hello!

What motivates you to make music despite the challenges you faced in life?

It is really simple. I am obsessed with music! It is the most powerful force I know for positive change and as I am basically a walking set of ears—it is how I understand the universe!

I love doing something positive with the lessons life gives me even if those lessons aren’t always happy ones. Nothing feels so good as the blues, right?

Your music is very relatable. Does your songwriting inspiration draw mostly from your personal life experiences?

I do write a lot about my life or the lives of those around me. However, I am inspired by so many things from world news to overheard conversations to the birds outside my bedroom window. I write what I know, but I also have a vast imagination as well, so I write what I observe and what I think about.

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