Enter The World Of Minor League Baseball, “The Fat Lady’s Low, Sad Song,” written by author Brian Kaufman and narrated by Marlin May in audiobook format. Now available worldwide, download your copy today!

Courtney Morgan is a female knuckleball pitcher trying to break into professional baseball. Parker Westfall is an aging slugger with one last chance at the ultimate carrot – a spot on a major-league roster. She’s gorgeous, and he’s having the season of his life. Together, they’ll try to change a losing team’s fortunes on their way to the big show. But when tragedy strikes, will their dreams still matter?

“The Fat Lady’s Low, Sad Song” is about what it means to be part of a team, and part of a community in the heartbreaking world of minor league ball.

An entertaining, sweetly atmospheric baseball story, sure to please sports aficionado’s everywhere.

Download “The Fat Lady’s Low, Sad Song” written by author Brian Kaufman and narrated by Marlin May in audiobook format on Audible today:


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