The pop song “Enlighten Me” from seductive singer Stacy Stone plays is one dynamic, multi-faceted track. Blazing vocals, ever-changing octaves and some bewitching music bed evolutions. Stone’s emotional outpour and confident artistry dramatically moves the song forward, daring the listener to keep tabs on what sonic roundabout is on the horizon. “Enlighten Me” feels to be a song of discovery, and connects to the listener in a way a new relationship does. The vibe is fun, enigmatic and one you want to jump right into experiencing.


Baby, enlighten me, Stone sings. She sings effervescent like in parts – and in other moments, she changes her approach. It occurred to me that she might be re-arranging her voice during different stanzas because she might be the voice inside her head. She can really hit some of the higher soprano notes. I have to admit it, when the song first started, it’s this quirky, Halloween-like music base. Dark and mysterious. I loved the lightness and warmth in her voice to counteract that tone. At times she almost sounds like she’s rapping, she accelerates her voice to match the adrenaline in her heart. Then, in other moments, she’s eclectic and sings trippin’ off your light…let me take a hit. Through it all, I found her artistry to have depth. Her voice is very interesting and it’s nowhere near a run-of-the-mill vocal presentation. This is definitely a pop song for 2021. 

“Enlighten Me” can be about a relationship, but I think it can also be about inner peace and discovery. I think that Stone herself wants to be the one shining her light back up on this other person, and feel a stronger connection. I think she’s searching for the right energies, the auras around her are going off like sirens and she wants to reciprocate. Maybe it’s a chic hippie vibe that I got at moments, or the vocal range that she displays, but the theatrics and the music bedrock thrust me into this lava lamp feeling. I was mesmerized by the expansion, then the idea of the backing music would slim down. Just the same, her voice, too, is a shapeshifter. Stone kept me guessing and I loved that about “Enlighten Me”. At her core, I think the way she harnesses her rawness, the integrity in her voice is something to behold. She really nails the vocal performance in this tune. 

Stone is originally from Northern California, and is now based in Nashville, Tenn. I’ll be curious to see if she will continue to write with other artists or songwriters and how her artistic voice and viewpoint might change living in Music City. With so many exciting artists and a wealth of talent brewing in that town, the hope is for her to elevate her own talents. Truth be told, I think she’s taking huge leaps with “Enlighten Me”. I’m simply beguiled by its intriguing music bed and Stone’s intoxicating voice. She holds her own and she’s a siren to be watched – “Enlighten Me” is perhaps her signature song. We will have to see. 

Garth Thomas