The current single by Emodulari, called “Craniotomy” may not be unlike anything you’ve ever heard. However, the song’s subject matter is likely something you have NEVER heard of, and might even find, quite shocking.

A craniotomy is a surgical procedure in which a piece of the brain is removed,  which is often some sort of malignant tissue. The particular operation that Emodulari  covers in “Craniotomy” is this procedure being performed as the patient is….playing an instrument.  It’s every bit as remarkable as it sounds, and there are at least two documented occasions, that this has happened.


On those two occasions, it wasn’t guitar that was played. So naturally, Emodulari reimagined someone having a Craniotomy performed on them, while playing an electric guitar. And of course, this would result in them becoming a “super shredder.” It’s not abundantly clear if this is tongue in cheek, but you get that impression. You could just assume, that Emodulari found this to be an utterly fascinating concept,  and decided to run their own direction, with it.

Going off this information, alone, you might conclude that Emodulari is a much “heavier” outfit than they actually are. You could compare them to Ghost, in that they look demonic, yet sound, melodic. Well, that is a misrepresentation, because Emodulari does not look demonic. They do Succeed in making you slightly uncomfortable, through their look and sound, but that’s a hallmark of great rock and roll.  Visually, Emodulari is quite original, and it’s safe to assume that they will expand and embellish their look in the coming years.

“Craniotomy” starts off low and centered, and steadily builds towards the chorus. It never actually becomes spasmodic, or even emotionally charged, for that matter. Instead, it does its best to capture the imagery of a mad surgeon, with precision hands. There are parallels to other artists/bands, but the content gives this a more distinguishable identity. Emodulari give the impression that they are capable of having a broad range, with “Craniotomy” being something of a novel addition to their catalog. 

“Craniotomy” is the second single from Emodulari’s LP, Damnatio Memoraie. It would certainly be interesting to hear what else the album, contains. Judging from “Craniotomy,” and the obscure subject matter, one could expect a great diversity of material . One of the more admirable qualities of Emodulari, is their readiness to accept and express their own true nature. They have to be aware that they are likely to obfuscate some with their approach, yet they seem undeterred by this.


If you read this review before hearing “Craniotomy,” you will of course have a preconceived notion. I must stress that whatever that notion is, it is still likely to be just a bit off. I was pleasantly surprised, because the concept looked a bit polarizing on paper. Although the production could use some slight polishing, the Songwriting and the performances are top shelf. Just remember to lie as still as possible, during the brain lift, and of course, to stay in time.

Garth Thomas

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