Emily Daccarett has one of those voices that appeal to a variety of tastes. There’s a touch of pop, alt, jazz, rock, and add to that she can also sing entire songs in French. Her versatility is evident from the moment you hear her, and she has an arresting tone that captivates. Her newest album, Yours Always, is a 10 song LP with a common link that runs throughout. Not so much a concept album as one with a casual narrative, Yours Always shows just how effective Emily is in the studio.

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The title track is sang entirely in French, as referenced earlier. It’s brimming with romantic tensions and tender decorum. The Madonnaesque, “Pieces” is a pop song with a slight edge. Driving and repetitive, you won’t want this song to end, as Emily delivers the hook so infectiously. “Don’t Let Me Go,” also exercises repetitiveness, but to arguably lesser quality than “Pieces.” Emily delivers the chorus both in English and in French, and does so seamlessly. Her vocal is just slightly buried under the haze of 80s style synth pop, though.

The sultry, “Fading Memories,” has Emily delivering most of the song in spoken word form. She absolutely dazzles and spellbinds on this track, using her voice as a tempestuous tool of seduction. This one reminded me a bit of the less angst-ridden era of Black Box Recorder. The climactic, “Love Is A Dangerous Thing” is partially defined by an inspired and busy drum performance. Emily throws herself into this one, and gives one of her most memorable vocal deliveries on the entire album. You’ll fall for this one, and its chaotic, but beautiful wall of sound.

It’s me it’s not you/that I have to pursue/to feed my hungry soul. The vulnerability and culpability with which Emily delivers this lyric on “Cannibal” is virtually devastating. You are with her on every step of the journey of this rather epic track. This is the sort of centerpiece song that shows just how profoundly talented that Daccarett is. “Set Fire” is the tale of 2 or perhaps even 3 songs. This is an ambitious arrangement by Emily and the band, and for the most part they absolutely nail it. The European influence and seasoning is pronounced on this one Once again we are reminded just how peripatetic of an artist we have on our hands with “Set Fire.”

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“Don’t Look Back,” seems a bit like the obligatory “single” addition. It’s somewhat immediate and danceable. Emily’s trademark vocals and a jazz inspired guitar performance are the highlight of this one. While it may not check off every mainstream criteria box, Yours Always is a superb effort. With meticulously crafted songs and a unique and fascinating songstress, this is the type of album that you revisit again and again. European and American audiences are sure to find something they love on this record, and everyone in between for that matter. Yours always is now available for both streaming and download.

Garth Thomas