There is a sticky middle ground to any growth journey, it usually bubbles up just as your leap to cross the bridge into action to make that vision come alive. Leaders from all walks of life, backgrounds, skill level and race will face old stories that will attempt to keep them captive in their old identity. 

Kiri-Maree Moore is a powerful advocate for making the journey to making a big difference as Leader, more effective.  Her approach to growth and becoming the 1% inspires curiosity, narrows the gap between problem and solution, and supports her community in navigating the uncomfortable space between where they are now to where they are going. 

‘If you keep going back to your default and old patterning, you will continue to lead in the same way. This is why helping you to identify your patterns, helps you to implement the solution you already know is within’ 

Recently on The Rhonda Swan ShowKiri-Maree opened up about how she moved beyond her inner introvert to embody confidence to ensure her message began fueling her vision from a place of new actions. 

Naturally, introverts have strong skills to become phenomenal leaders, however there are some fundamental challenges that need to be met in order to be a valuable contributor to leading 1% teams and communities. 

1. Overcoming your self doubt to embody and exude confidence: 

It is important to remember that ‘the difference between those who meet their leadership goals and those who don’t has nothing to do with unlimited confidence.’ and everything to do with feeling the feelings of your self doubt and taking action anyway. 

Stanford psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck found that through the adoption of a growth mindset ‘you believe talent, intelligence, and abilities can be learned’ therefore you can learn how to take action in spite of your feelings while not suppressing them. 

2. Become well resourced and energized: 

‘You need to make sure that you have access to what you need, access to what is needed to bring to your platforms what they need, to as a whole be contributing to the 1%’Busting through any plateaus in your leadership will demand an energized body and emotional alignment. Put support systems in place, plug into communities, move and nourish your vessel daily. 
With a higher sense of self cultivated through becoming well resourced, you will fast release any stories holding you back from taking the big leap. 

3. Listen to the signals:

Every time you doubt your skills, experience or fear failure: listen. Don’t try to override what is being shared by your internal compass, tune in. 

* Feeling like you lack the skills – read some books, sign up for that course, invest in that mentor. 

* Experience not giving you the confidence – go out and work with clients for free or offer your time at a not-for-profit community organization to develop the experience you need. 
* Fearing failure – stretch your growth edge slowly to fully embrace the leap into your new identity.

When I lack, when I don’t want to, when I lack the confidence to get up and get out there and do it, I go: ‘but what if I give just one more person a voice who didn’t have one before.’”

To learn more about the ways Kiri-Maree advocates for protecting your energy as a Leader, head to this week’s episode of The Rhonda Swan Show! Where world-renowned International Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Online Brand Strategist Rhonda Swan, dedicates the show to inspiring mothers, families and individuals to go after their dreams.