Set to release on July 27th 2020 is Rockstar journalist, Publicist, and best-selling author Eileen Shapiro’s celebrity infused manuscript “Waiting For Adam.” The book published by New Haven Publishers, echoes Shapiro’s wild and exciting ride inspired by her quest to interview punk rock icon Adam Ant and features the most intriguing and most illuminating celebrities on the planet.

The book is penned with orgasmic conversations and pictures of stars including: Diana Ross, Boy George, Emma Stone, Dionne Warwick, Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Nettles, Cyndi Lauper, Markie Ramone, Buster Poindexter, Rachel Weisz, Brook Shields, Jane Lynch, Spandau Ballet, Whoopie Goldberg, Lizzo, Rick Springfield, Michael Musto, Lewis Capaldi, Sandra Bernhard, Tiffany Haddish, Billy Porter, Pink Floyd, Stray Cats, Rosie O’Donnell, Melissa Etheridge, Leann Rimes, John Robb, CeCe Peniston, Michael Musto, Doctor Dre and many, many others. Saturated with humorous anecdotes, dramatic tales never before exposed, and a journalist’s accidental secrets of contacting the stars, “Waiting For Adam” is a fan girl’s entrance to their favorite celebrity. 

Written with an adventurous twist “Waiting For Adam” tracks Shapiro’s meager beginnings as a Sci-Fi journalist and author of the “The Star Trek Medical Reference Manuel” to her connection with Get Out Magazine, a weekly, in print, New York based, LGBTQ publication that sky-rocketed her into the intimacies of the gay community. From there she traveled several continents collecting interviews for Magazines such as HuffPost, Louder Than War, and eventually 50 other high profiled visual material media…..Many of her friends and acquaintances will find themselves mentioned in “Waiting For Adam.”

How did you become inspired to write “Waiting For Adam?”

Originally the idea came from Adam’s publicist Lee Runchey who suggested it almost as a joke. Although things didn’t end well between us, she was still responsible for me procuring the interview finally with Adam. In the meantime, I had all of these conversations that I had collected from these amazing celebrities mostly through Get Out Magazine and felt the need to compile them in a book. I felt that they gave me their time and deserved further mention.

Why was it so important for you to interview Adam Ant?

I was/am a fan girl. I celebrated Adam in the 80’s and followed his music until he disappeared for 17 years. Then suddenly he re-emerged better than ever. I had 3 bucket list rockers that I wished to interview and Adam was on the top of that list. Aside from that, from a journalistic point of view I knew he was a fabulous interview from reading ones that were previously done with him.

You had a wild ride while attempting to interview Adam, please explain.

Once I consciously decided that I needed an interview with Adam I started to attend his concerts, even if they were in England. I traveled to England many times, but on one occasion I went overnight just to see a concert. Aside from Adam I had to build up some celebrity credibility, so I began to write for international magazines and cover stories all over the world. I started my career interviewing Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek who I was also a fan girl of. Later I went to owning a gay bar and encountered experiences you just wouldn’t believe. Because of that I wound up writing for Get Out Magazine and nearly every star wants an LGBTQ fan base. Within the book they were unbelievable stories which as I wrote them, I still couldn’t believe they happened.

How did journalism cause you to open up one of the coolest PR companies, “World Star PR”, on the planet?

Myself and my very cool superstar partner Jimmy Star had more connections to the press than anyone we knew. Jimmy hosts the biggest Internet television/radio show on Earth called “The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell”, with 5 million weekly viewers. He and myself had never gotten paid for our endeavors, and we decided we needed to eat and also we wish to help Indie artists and celebrities rise without paying the extraordinary high fees of the usual publicist. I met Jimmy and his husband Ron while appearing on his show and we became instant friends. Together we have established one of the least expensive, yet coolest in demand PR companies. Through the company I’ve made life long friends including celebrity photographer Billy Hess, who has become my partner in crime, the very kind and spiritual Scott Page from Pink Floyd, CeCe Peniston, and SohoJohnny a client who is one of the greatest people on earth.

You still continue your journalistic career however?

Absolutely. I love writing and learning about people. I also love going to cool events and Red Carpet extravaganzas. I also love my clients which include some of the kindest and most interesting humans in life.

Will there be some sort of sequel?

Of course…..I have interviewed 2 of the people on my list which by the way is Rick Springfield and Adam…. however the last person on my list remains a challenge. If anyone knows Billy Idol, please send him my way.

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