The top artist’s, DJ’s and Producers on the planet for 2023 have just been compiled in time to celebrate the New Year. The tracks include both commercial and indie hits, and congratulations to all! On behalf of the HWD  Countdown, Let’s Rock 2023! 

Jayrah Gibson

Multi-platinum producer and songwriter Jayrah Gibson takes his career to the next level
with the release of his upcoming single “Where Would I Be” in early 2023, which is
preceded by his smash single “Cali Breeze” featuring WhiteNoise.
With roots in Long Beach, California, this rising artist has already achieved a great deal
of success in his young career. Gibson’s Spotify currently garners over 33 million
streams, and he has previously received tremendous recognition for his production of K-
Pop hits.
Gibson’s work with the globally renowned K-Pop group BTS has earned him
overwhelming praise for his artistic and creative abilities; however, this feat was just the
beginning for the talented artist and former American Idol contestant who continues to
make waves in the music industry.

Steve Franks

Mr. Franks is a multi-talented producer, composer, lyricist, and recording artist hailing from Minneapolis. He gained popularity in the Minnesota area before moving to Los Angeles where his beats and compositions were highly sought after. Having built a name for himself amongst hitmakers in the pop and hip-hop world, Franks now boasts credits with Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Big Sean, and Meghan Trainor to name a few.


Kizzo is a Dutch record producer, songwriter, and music entrepreneur nominated for 4 Grammys at the 64th Grammy Awards. He won the big one, ‘Album of the Year’ for his production work on ‘We Are” by Jon Batiste.

Carson Lueders

Carson Lueders is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Spokane, Washington whose love for music began at age five when he learned to play guitar. Carson started performing covers of his favorite songs on YouTube and captured the attention of audiences worldwide with an undeniable vocal sound that shines. Since then, he’s released his original music and garnered a rapidly growing fanbase of millions across his social media platforms. Featured on the hugely popular YouTube series Chicken Girls, Carson has captivated audiences around the world for over a decade, receiving nominations for Kids Choice, Teen Choice, and Radio Disney Music Awards. Now, this one-person powerhouse is excited to share his heart and soul in brand new music reflecting his growth.

Many Miles Away

Many Miles Away is a fearless adventure and collaboration of two unique singers, songwriters, producers and musicians fulfilling their exclusive destinies. There is an eloquence in true enthusiasm and Michael Shapiro and Miles Schon pushes open the heavy, groaning door of creativity in life itself. As a prelude to their debut album “Many Miles Away”, they are set to release their first single in January. 

Michael Shapiro, mastermind of the Vegas sensation “Reckless in Vegas” has a residency at the iconic Sahara Hotel where he and the band echoes the shadows of Sin City in the 1960’s. The show is a live, high-energy performance incorporating modern versions of songs by artist including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis, Sonny and Cher, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, and others infused with dazzling showgirls, imagery, comedy, and a contemporary rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic. Raised in Vegas Michael picked up a guitar at age 13 and never looked back. He has played on stage with Bruce Springsteen and has toured with The Romantics, Cheap Trick, and Great White…until a tragic fire struck. 

Miles Schon was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and was born into a family of rockers including his dad Neil Schon, the guitarist from the legendary band Journey. As a self-taught musician Miles is widely recognized for his fiery speed, his outrageous solos and his soulful blues. He has collaborated with icons including Grammy winning artist Will Champlin, Bill Champlin (Chicago), Terry Haggerty (Sons of Champlin), Scott Page, (Pink Floyd), Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), and a host of others.

Together their blend of energy is like that of a super nova adding interstellar diversity, and a shock wave leaving us an unparalleled brightness and a raging tsunami of different elements and facets of music and lyrics. The new original project raises a new sound born in a world of uncertainty ….

Roxanne Luciano

Roxanne Luciano was Born in Atlanta, but raised in L.A. and is an artist to keep a watchful eye on in 2023 and many years to come. Roxanne Luciano is a sure bet to bring some sick energy back onto the dance floors and into our living rooms across America! Her mass appeal, driven by high energy beats and dope lyrical delivery, will no doubt guide Luciano to eventually become a global crossover artist. Roxanne is sure to break-off other female MC’s, much like A.I. (Iverson) did to M.J. (Jordan) back in the day! 

It should be no real surprise that Roxanne Luciano is heading down this musical path, as she is the only daughter of 90’s music industry mogul, Tony Mercedes.  For those too young to remember, Mercedes burst onto the music scene in’92, prior to Luciano’s birth, with the mega Booty-Bass anthem, “Dazzey Duks” by Duice.  Mercedes was also the liaison responsible for bringing Dunkey Butt” (12 Guage) Tag Team’s “Whoomp! There It Is”, to both Scotti Brothers & Bellmark Records respectively. He later became an Executive at LaFace Records, where he would go on to work with the likes of TLC, on their mega-hit “No Scrubs”.  Then, out popped Luciano from the womb and the rest is now evolving into musical history!  “I believe I was born to do this music thang”, boasts a very proud Luciano.  “I remember seeing all those Gold & Platinum plaques hanging up in our house and then, of course, learning exactly what they represented as I was growing up”. 

Luciano’s very first single, “Rich Rich”had some sporadic regional success and actually aired on BET JAMS & The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.  Roxanne is currently working on an EP with multi platinum and award winning billboard producer Pilfinger.

Michael Wagner

Michael Wagner has released a catchy new song called “A Libra
Minus Balance.” The song featuring singer/songwriter True Rylan and producer/songwriter/DJ
Fredy Muks, is a dance hit that crosses genres and incorporates the emotion of intoxicating love
and unbalanced relationships. With a mix of dance, trap, and pop, it’s a perfect song to get fans
moving and grooving.

Jarvis Redd

Jarvis Redd, a country artist and songwriter is taking the music industry by storm and
bringing a new sound to country music. The rising artist gained 700,000 TikTok followers
in just one week and has received positive feedback from big-name artists such as the
Legendary Tim McGraw, Clay Walker, Chris Young, Dustin Lynch, Brett Young, and
Brandy Norwood to name a few. Redd has also gained the attention of Sr. Level music
executive Tony Mercedes with career sales exceeding a hundred million records. As one
of the publishers of TLC’s “No Scrubs” and Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”, Tony
Mercedes discovered Jarvis Redd on Facebook and signed him to his management

Riot Act

Lighting up the world like fireworks plunging into the night sky and shattering the darkness, Riot Act features Rick Ventura on guitar, former member of the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame inductees Riot. Riot appeared at the first Monster of Rock Festival in 1980 performing to a crowd of 100,000 and impacted the Rock world with their “Fire Down Under” while touring with factions including AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Rush, and a barrage of others. 

Sublime vocalist Don Chaffin toured the US opening for bands including Godsmack, Alice In Chains, Foreigner, Disturbed, and a cascade of others. He has also worked with artists including Jim Bralower and Ace Frehley of Kiss, Jerry Kasenetz, Jeff Katz and others. As vocalist Don is like a seductive alchemist transforming private anguish into a narrative of truth.

Other band members include Claudio Galinsky on drums who is part of the Argentinian heavy-metal band seen in the 80s with his thrash metal band Ultraje a Rigor.  Paul Ranieri on bass has played professionally since he was 18 and has recorded with many artists including Emmy award winning electric violinist Mark Wood.

Together they threaten to rock the planet with their unique tapestry of symphonic permanence. Their echoes ring strong from the other side of history and their present and future are slamming the ramparts of success….

Kylie Marshall

Kylie Marshall is a teenage singer and actress from Homestead, Fla. Marshall started her vocal
journey at the age of three years old, and began producing her own tracks by age of 13.
Marshall now works with some of the most influential names in the industry. Her distinctive voice and talent have seen her in collaboration with Sr. Level music executive and Grammy-winning music publisher Tony Mercedes, who came out of his retirement in 2021 to begin working with the teen.
Recently the teen sensation performed on stage alongside Nickelodeon star That Girl Lay Lay to
a sold out crowd at the Dream Tour in Augusta, Ga. Saturday, June 11th at the legendary Bell
Auditorium located on Telfair Street. Mercedes, the acclaimed, award-winning music publisher of TLC’s No Scrubs and Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You has his eyes set on the big stage and the big screen for Marshall.

Success is not new to Tony as he holds accolades for numerous No.1 hits on the Billboard charts.
These hits exceed 100 million in record sales to date. TLC member Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins has also seen the potential Marshall carries and has collaborated to write a record for the young artist. Other producers set to record Marshall include Grammy Award winners Dallas Austin and Christopher “Tricky” Stewart.
Marshall additionally received vocal training from the 12-time Grammy nominated singer, vocal
coach and songwriter Makeba Riddick-Woods. Riddick-Woods is famed for her work with
industry legends including Rihanna, Beyoncé and J-Lo.

The teen’s flair and drive have garnered recognition and approval from further icons such as
mix engineer Dave Pensado, who mixed Marshall’s “Barbie Can Be You,” single which breathes
life into the Barbie brands effort to diversify it’s product line. Jeff Robinson, manager for R&B
star H.E.R. stated, “Kylie Marshall reminds me of 14-year-old Alicia Keys when I first signed
her,” said Robinson, Keys’ previous manager. Music moguls Antonio “LA” Reid and Dallas
Austin recently had meetings with the teen sensation in Atlanta GA.
Marshall revealed that her motivation in part comes from the icons that came before her,
noting Ariana Grande as her all-time inspiration. Similarly, the teenager now acts as an
inspiration to all the young women that will come after her.

The Wicker Twinz

Solai and Yoni Wicker, better known as the Wicker Twinz, are multi-talented entertainers and social media influencers who have a collective following of over 6 million organic Instagram supporters and over 700k subscribers on YouTube. Their combined efforts have led them to The National Ambassadors for the Arkansas MLK Commission School’s Community Events that are geared toward non violence and center on the importance of knowing their history and voting. The duo will perform at the events, as well as sign autographs, and hand out backpacks and school supplies throughout the country.

The Twinz recently landed a role in Josh Webber’s upcoming film Athena Saves Christmas, which is Executive Produced by Sr. Music Level Executive Tony Mercedes. The film starring Cuba Gooding Jr. shoots the beginning of the New Year and is expected to air for the holiday season in 2023. With no signs of slowing down, The Twinz continues to make waves in the music industry and are working on new music set for release first quarter of 2023.

Rocky Kramer

Hailing from the Scandinavian Peninsula country of Norway, Rocky Kramer is truly a modern day Viking, poised to take no prisoners as he conquers the hearts, minds and souls of rockers around the world! Armed with a guitar, this graduate of Metal 101 constitutes a triple threat as a composer, vocalist and formidable musician. 

​While attending school in the United States, Rocky caught the attention of the Allied Artists Music Group, who soon inked a deal with this inimitable musician.  Stephan Bauer, President of Allied Artists Music Group (Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones)  comments that “Rocky is the essence of modern metal, mixed with a tenacity that makes for rock legends” adding that “those of us at Allied Artists are proud to have him on the label and look forward to introducing him to today’s audiences who will find his music invigorating and his message captivating.”

Rocky has begun touring and headlining festivals with his band as he starts to present himself to wildly enthusiastic U.S. audiences.

Rocky’s first U.S. produced album, “Firestorm” was released in August of 2019 by Allied Artists Music Group, together with an epic music video, reaching #1 on the Global DRT chart, as well as racking up a Best Rock Performance nomination for the 2019 Hollywood Music In Media Awards (“HMMA”). Rocky was voted Best New Male Rock Musician by the editors of Rock Over America Magazine and is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (“The Grammys”).

​Rocky proudly plays and endorses Fender® Guitars, Guild Acoustic Guitars, ENGL® Amplifiers, Spiral Electric FX Effects Pedals, ClearTone Strings®, Jim Dunlop®Jazz III Guitar Picks & Cry Baby® Wah Wah, Fractal Audio Systems, Korg and Warm Audio.  Indeed, Rocky only endorses products he truly enjoys playing.

Solo Lucci

Rapper best known for the release of his single “Whip It,” which earned more than 1 million listens on the music sharing site SoundCloud. The song was often been used in Vine videos and memes by popular web stars.

Chef Sean

Award-winning hip hop artist Chef Sean releases first-ever full solo LP, “My Life.” The much-anticipated album features the artist’s newest single, “Flex Off,” preceded by the smash single “Oh My God,” along with 18 more tracks that showcase his versatile talents.

In this debut LP, Chef Sean fearlessly showcases his trademark creativity, mixing various production and music styles to keep his audience on the edge of their seats. For this project, the rapper reached out to ASCAP award winner Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones. The producer of Benihana has worked with Mary J. Blige, Ice Cube, and Jack Harlow. He is the musical mind behind Chef Sean’s “Shake,” “Walk,” and “Groomed Different” – all tracks on this solo album. 

Songs like “Runaway” deliver a wizkid-type Caribbean rhythm. “Good Dope” offers the hard-hitting sound of South Side Chicago alongside the up-and-coming artist OkDeazy, currently burning up the underground streets.


Hustle translates to any arena. Whether on the field or in the studio, MARJA’KIM simultaneously applies pure tenacity, diehard diligence, and endless talent to football and music. The New Jersey-born and raised rapper, singer, artist, and athlete is a dynamic force whose energy can’t be contained to one passion. 

Signed independently to his label We Neva Done Entertainment, he introduced the world to his style in 2022. He initially devoted most of his time to football. He excelled as a slot receiver and landed at Tennessee State University for a Division I college career. 

Shevyn Roberts

Shevyn Roberts is releasing an upcoming album “High On Frequency” with the lead single
“Runnin Outta Time,” which features a Robert Eibach remix. Her team includes legendary and
Grammy-Award Winner David Longoria and Robert Eibach—DJ, Producer, Remixer,
Songwriter—who has worked with Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and many
Shevyn’s release titled “Running Out Of Time” is an otherworldly tune about a multidimensional
version of herself doing time travel, with self-empowerment from her future self as showcased in
the music video. The music video for Shevyn’s “Runnin Outta Time” was shot in Los Angeles
with Director Zane from Zane Productions, who has worked with Universal Records, Warner
Music Group, Spinnin Records, and Marvel. In the video, Shevyn is transported into the near
future and meets her future self.

Drea Dominique

Born in Long Island, New York—raised and currently residing in San Diego, California— the multi-talented singer, songwriter, model and reality TV star DreaDominique has the flavor of both coasts. With her sultry, smooth R&B voice and her fresh twist on Hip-Hop. Drea has created a lane of her own.

Prior to releasing her solo project, Drea has been able to work with the likes of Snoop Dogg, The Dream, Baby Bash, Robin Thicke, as well as her star stunning role in Bad Girls Club Season 9.

Drea released her debut project “Toy Box” highlighting her single “Catch My Wave” featuring AD and Flex in early 2021. Summer 2021, she entered the next stage of her artistic evolution with a single titled “I Know You Want It” Feat. Love & Hip Hop star Safaree produced by Travis Kr8ts (K. Michelle, Dem Franchize Boyz)

Taking flight and spreading her wings, Drea’s career has progressed and is now soothing our ears with her latest song “I’ll Be Seeing You” Giving us healed heartache and hope for that special someone close to our heart this holiday season.

Randy Edelman

Randy Edelman is responsible for creating the soundtracks to legendary films including: “27 Dresses”, “While You Were Sleeping”,  “The Last of the Mohicans”, “ Kindergarten Cop”, “Dragonheart”, “XXX”, “Twins”, “My Cousin Vinny”, “The Mask”, “Beethoven”, “ Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”, “Anaconda”, “Mummy 3”, “Ghost Busters 2”, “Gettysburg”, “Billy Madison”, “Leap Year”, “ The Whole Nine Yards”, and an endless array of others. Some of the Television shows and series he scored include: “MacGyver”, “Mr. Sunshine”, “Backdraft 2” for Netflix, and “Citizen X” for HBO. These are just touches upon his credits. He also created the music for “Dare Mighty Things” for NASA’s final Shuttle launch, “Wimbledon, Grand Slam Tennis Series” for ESPN, “ESPN Sports Century”, and even the NBC “Olympic Opening.” 

The artists who have covered Randy’s original songs include: Barry Manilow,  “Weekend in New England”, The Carpenters, “I Can’t Make Music”, Nelly, “My Place”, Willy Nelson, “Down in the Everglades”, Patti LaBelle, ”Isn’t it a Shame”, Olivia Newton John, “If Love is Real”, Blood, Sweat and Tears, “Blue Street, Royal Philharmonic, “Grey”, and once again another limitless list. Randy has also opened for artists such as Frank Zappa, and The Carpenters. He has received some of the most prestigious awards including BMI Top Grossing Film Awards, an Emmy, a Golden Globe nomination a Los Angeles film Awards for Best Score, BMI Top TV Series, Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts, as well as many others.

Mike Shane

Milwaukee artist Mike Shane takes a major inconvenience and turns it into a new smash single
“We Givin You Pass” Earlier this week Mike attended a Milwaukee Bucks game and got a few
words off his chest to player Draymond Green, some of which were taken out of context
resulting in him being ejected from the game. A glimpse into Mike Shane’s Musical career…

Trxvis Riker

Mixing together the genres of alternative rock and Pop Punk, Trxvis begins his journey as an artist. Born in 2001 in Los Angeles, California Trxvis has always been involved in the music industry and especially the Pop Punk scene. Starting his music career in 2021, he has also generated over 600k followers on Tik Tok. Having grown up on bands like Blink 182, Green Day, My Chemical Romance and The Sex Pistols, he has always dreamed of making music and influencing others to bring back Pop Punk. Trxvis has since released singles “DOWNHILL”, “RUNAWAY”, “BAD DREAMS”, “YOU LIED”, 

Devil in Disguise!”, “TELL ME SOMETHING” along with 2 music videos on YouTube and can’t wait to share more. His new single “JUST A MESS” his set for release December 16th.

 During the summer of 2022 Trxvis recorded 15 Singles at Spotify HQ in Los Angeles, CA with Executive Producer MJ Lederman and Engineer Matty J. The singles will be released consecutively starting July 14th until the end of the year. Trxvis is the first independent Artist to record his debut album at Spotify HQ in DTLA that is scheduled for release in 2023 along with many live performances as well.


Kami has been writing music since elementary school (began writing poetry). Still writing as a therapy tool, he was an athlete throughout most of his life and never gave music a serious thought until 2009-2010. He Released first mixtape project titled “Real Recognize Reez” on Datpiff in 2011.
In 2017, he began to take his music seriously, releasing 3 music videos; In My Bag, Feel Good (both available everywhere), & “Don’t Run” Remix; Being apart of about 3 other videos (1 of which was the “Show Love Cypher” hosted by Blackman103); And continuously releasing music via Soundcloud.
He became ASCAP affiliated. Supporting himself, he got his brand up and off the ground with his first batch of clothing (hoodies, t-shirts, and dad hats) which he sold completely out of!
In 2020, he released a single catering to the women of the world in “Company” featuring fellow Bridgeport, CT artist Gimmie2Loud.
At the top of 2021, he released a record titled “Lord Knows” along side his brother Blackman who also featured on the record as well as produced the beat & engineered the sound.
He also released a record catered to the Black Lives Matter movement titled “RIOT” featuring fellow Bridgeport artist Zenire, produced by PearlyDonDada out of Mass, & engineered at his home base studio HIFY in West Haven, CT. There is a visual accompanying it.
Kami has opened up for Jack Harlow, Tory Lanez, & The Migos on Superbowl Weekend at The Rhino Arena in Tampa, FL. Recently he released a drill style record titled “Petty” & a boom bap joint called “Blaow”!

HeartBreak Alumni

HeartBreak Alumni, a California based duo who has turned the proverbial page from habitual artistry to visionary innovation. It seems once in a generation we are introduced to game-changing singularity in
the music industry, where we can take a deep breath and realize its finally time to exhale.
HeartBreak Alumni satisfies the pallet of an industry starving for new talent. A business that in
recent years has found major success in collaborative works such as, “Bruno Mars & Anderson
Paak,” as well as “The Weekend & Doja Cat,” It’s been strength in numbers lately.
Singer Isaiah “Zay” Elizalde presents a kinetic force combining passion and ecstasy while
quenching the thirst of an audience longing to be both moved and seduced, which satisfies
that wild abandoned side of us. Producer Eli “The Kid” Valencia offers a sequential blend of
eclectic sounds combining past and present vibes creating an uncommon yet solitary
affectivity elevating you out of your seat.

Check the Star

Known as “CHECKTHESTAR ” born an islander from Puerto Rico, has branded himself with a trendy refreshing new sound filled with melodies and power house features! This Florida Raised Star has been making a lot of noise as of late dropping collaborative tapes with many different artists from around the world unifying not only cultures, sounds, eras, and ages but also finding a way to express and visualize via his music and music videos. An advocate against drunk driving checkthestar is just a box of surprises his latest drop Casting Calls features a lot of versatile artists with an expressive unifying message this artist is something different, time to add him to your playlist and enjoy you won’t be surprised to hear something you thoroughly enjoy!

The BassGawd

Los Angeles based reed. has signed with Substream Records. Making a name for himself producing artists, he expanded his creativity to create solo music. To date, reed.’s credits include Migos, OG Maco, Lil Xan, Picturesque, and Outline In Color.

Wins Daily

Mr make the impossible happen teamed up with Solo Lucci to make an unbelievable line up at Foreign Money. Adding pressure like Fasho Ghost and The Entertainment as well as teaming up with the legendary producer Jonathon Hay to drop Grammy nominated songs with Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Wins Daily is more than just music with a future reality show called the The Winning collection set to air in 2023.

Dj Fulfill

Born in WA and relocated to MN, Fulfill started DJing at the young age of 11. He is an open format DJ specializing in house and trap. Fulfill is turning the Minnesota DJ game up with his own unique style.

The Honorable Jay

The Honorable Jay is new to the industry as he started producing music in 2021 that was all about spiritual healing, not only for himself but for others.  He makes the list as “someone to look out for” based off his feel good vibes and joyous energy 


Born and raised in Durant, OK, The Entertainment joined the game at the age of 15 knowing he was more than just a rapper. Inspired by Chris Brown, Eminem, J. Cole, and Drake, he uses his music to inspire others and to create a better life for his family.

Mid Official

Mid official is a MAN of god, not a MYTH, and definitely on his way. To becoming a well-respected LEGEND Worldwide. Just not only in the entertainment industry,. But in every walks, and avenues of life as well. Originally from Denver, CO (MONTBELLO) He has lived in multiple States. From Colorado, to California. But no matter where he goes. He brings Joy, the word of god, and a unforgettable vibe. While also captivating music fans. With his high energy, and creativity. By way of word play, and lyricism. That really open up the window, to his journey through life. ITS MID!!!

Hollywood Smooth

Hollywood Smooth, Arguably the Hottest Unsigned Artis from Dallas, TX “EVER.” Known for rapping, singing, writing and producing the sound of Dallas since the boogie movement. Smooths’ versatility has captured fans all over the world since 2008, when his first single “She So Fine, She Can Ride My Face” took the Nation by Storm. Booking shows all over the nation for 15 years consecutively and is Now Back with a hot new incredible sound. Smooth was a featured Artist in Atlanta, GA for the A3C Festival where he opened for the likes of Hot Boy Turk and Rico Love. The late Street Money Bankroll Fresh co-signed Smooth before he passed. He also will be a featured artist at The Essence Festival this year performing on at least 4 stages. With Music Transitioning everyday, Smooth has put together some unbelievable songs that people love, enjoy and party too!

Dj Bnyce

DJ bnyce is a premier Tampa, DJ, who got his roots from the New York tri-state area originally from Stanford Connecticut. DJ Bnyce started his career setting trends and breaking new records throughout Connecticut, New York City, and New Jersey. He then started working private parties for Fortune 500 companies and the elite of the Northeast. in 2020 DJ Bnyce brought his talents to Tampa Florida where he started spinning at the most exclusive clubs and events Tampa had to offer. His premiere Single (Faded in the trap)was released in 2022 and is creating a big buzz in the EDM world. Dj Bnyce continues to break records and is now working with some of Florida’s most premier Artists such as Check The Star famous Kid Brick and others.