Dweebs Global, which has the slogan “free mentorship for a brighter tomorrow, has an upcoming pay-it-forward challenge entitled #BrighterTomorrowChallenge. The Brighter Tomorrow Challenge is asking people all around the world to do an act of kindness and post a video or photo on social media of the act using the hashtag


Dweebs Global will shout out the act of kindness for those who participate. Between the COVID pandemic and everything else going on in the world, this is much-needed. Some examples of acts of kindness include, helping someone put groceries in their car, run an errand for someone, donate clothes, bake cookies or cake for your workplace, or offer a free service. There is no limit to the acts of kindness that can be done.

Dweebs Global is about giving back to others as much as possible, and they would like the public to do the same.
Dweebs Global offers free mentorship to anyone around the world. Dweebs Global unites good people from every corner of the planet to provide free mentorship and brainstorm solutions to today’s most pressing problems. They offer advice that’s tailored for you for free. The mentorship program pairs you with a mentor in your field who can provide tailored expertise. So
far, with 400 mentors, Dweebs Global has interacted with thousands of mentees.

Dweebs Global is a non-profit with successes that include finding jobs for the unemployed, helping individuals overcome serious mental health issues, and supporting anyone who needs guidance in their career path. Dweebs Global unites people from all over the world to provide free mentorship, brainstorm solutions to today’s most pressing problems, and work together to fix world crisis. Their mentorship pairs individuals with a mentor in their field who can provide tailored expertise. Since starting in April 2020, Dweebs Global has hosted incredible speakers, including the CEO of Logitech and best-selling authors, and is working with universities from Stanford University to Michigan State University to help students succeed.

For more information, please visit http://brightertomorrowchallenge.org/ or