To describe Dr. Jane Greer’s new book is to describe a prescribed exercise in self-accountability. Within the pages of Dr. Greer’s Am I Lying to Myself?: How to Overcome Denial and See the Truth, she advocates for the individual to take hold of their own, therapeutic progress in the interest of self-improvement.


There’s never the sense Dr. Greer is preaching or telling the reader what to do, as much as she just lays out the facts and simple tenets from the bastion of common sense. Then, the reader themselves is left knowing what they should do, in the face of all this. “After you read this book, you will have the skills to identify Denial when you or someone else is experiencing it, and to uncover your own and others’ true motivations and actions. My goal is that in giving you the up-close views, the takeaway skills, and the ability to distinguish Denial’s voice you will finally be able to recognize reality and deal with what is making you unhappy head-on, not sideways or backward, or, as is the case with so many people, not at all.

There will be nothing left to hide behind…” She also writes, “You will learn from the stories of my patients, people I sit across from each week who, like everyone, struggle to face the hard truth about themselves and their lives. I’ll show you what typically trips and traps people in their misery, frustration, and disappointment with their relationships. In the same way, I help them finally let the voice of reason in—that voice that says he is drinking too much or he is probably never going to call or she is being unfaithful—the one we don’t want to hear but must in order to be honest with ourselves and live a healthier emotional life. I will help you be open to it. I will guide you to finally be able to balance that dominant voice of Denial with a strong voice of reason. I will help you handle the people who upset you so much. I will offer perspective and enable you to see the whole picture.

Each chapter will conclude with an important takeaway skill and, in the end, will amount to a session in my office as I analyze and explain what is going on and let you know what you can do to finally be honest with yourself and stop lying. I will hone in on poor but common coping mechanisms and help you find new ones that will serve you better. I will professionally offer the voice of reality to counter Denial’s voice because this is what I do every day. With this new knowledge you will be able to wipe out that nasty loud voice of Denial and finally be on your way to an enriching and satisfying emotional life.”


By being so upfront about what her intentions are, Dr. Greer is able to solidify one of the single most important traits for the reader. Simply put, Trust. The reader trusts Dr. Greer because of her plainspoken house style, never dumbing things down nor resorting to overly flowery rhetoric. Greer is here to help, to help you see the flaws and misdirections within yourself.

To help *you* take control of *your* life.

That is to be seriously commended…

Garth Thomas