Just like the state of Texas, Dallas String Quartet’s bigger than life sound encompasses many flavors and different tones. In their new instrumental track, “Don’t Start Now” the band, also known as DSQ, proves that the individual parts that make up a band are the main reason for success. Listeners won’t miss a beat on this tantalizing rendition of the Dua Lipa hit.

URL: https://www.dallasstringquartet.com/

One of the first thing that strikes the listener in “Don’t Start Now” is the melody coming from the violin trios. Two are acoustic, strings so rich in tone and divine in approach, the third is an electric violin. The amplified instrument, though different in tone adds a peculiar layer giving the song that sculpted pop flavoring. When the jazz percussion is added to the mix, the rhythm and time take their place as the music bed, giving it an added leverage to the violin, as well as the bass guitar. The bass is so chill, so captivating and matches the same tone as Lipa’s original version. The piano keys are modest, as is the electric guitar towards the middle of the song.

The brightness of the violins is undeniable and the trio seem to be the vocals in this tune. During the chorus melody, the two acoustic violins and electric violin merge in an incredible dance. It’s like a citrus squeeze to liquid, the water is a refreshing burst to quench your thirst. For what seems like days, the listener recalls this chemistry and melodic hymn. Replacing Lipa’s seductive and sensual voice with the equally mesmerizing violin arrangements is surprising and unexpected. DSQ seduces the listener with strings, rather than vocals.

DSQ’s music video is comprised of split screens, quick edits and a bird’s eye view of the musicians’ home creative spaces. The story is more about the way they create together, though apart, and how their individual personalities shine through. The female violinists have distinctively different tastes in both fashion attire and in their home décor. At one point, one of the female violinists is dancing outside, a wooden symphony of trees all around her. The interesting thing about the female violinist is that the acoustic violin player is dazzled in black dress, with cuffs and chiffon, whereas the electric violinist is dressed in classic pencil skirt and classic top. A conflicting dynamic in sound channels throughout the song. It’s a pick-me-up video, with each musician really smiling for the camera and perpetrating the joy and pure fun from the song and the collaboration.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/dallas-string-quartet/375290721

DSQ is Ion Zanca (composer, violinist), Eleanor Dunbar (violinist), Melissa Priller (violinist), Young Heo (bass guitar), Anthony Plant (guitarist) and Efren Guzman (percussion and drums). Based in Dallas, of course, Zanca emigrated to the United States from Romania and formed DSQ in 2007. The group is noted for its versatility and millions of fans have streamed the group’s covers of bands like Coldplay (“Yellow, “Viva La Vida” and many more) The Verve (“Bittersweet Symphony”), Guns N’ Roses (“Sweet Child ‘O Mine” ) and One Republic (“Secrets”).  

Garth Thomas